PAe - New technical note of OBSAE: the new directive on reuse of public Sector information
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New technical note of OBSAE: the new directive on reuse of public Sector information

04 July 2019


Se inicia ahora el plazo para que el Estado español inicie su trasposición, con la fecha límite de 17 de julio de 2021.

The Commission started the process of revising the directive 2013/37/EC concluding with the publication in DOUE, on 26 June, the new Directive (HAT) 2019/1024 (Opens in new window) the European Parliament and of the board in terms of openness of data in the public sector and reuse, which include the following:

  • Connection to the provision of dynamic data via APIs creates the concept of Dataset of high impact to be determined by means of delegated acts, with the obligation to the EEMMs its availability via APIs. In the rest of the cases arise making them available within a reasonable time so that does not represent a disproportionate effort.
  • Connection to the fares arises reduce exceptions to collect more than marginal costs for the provision of data. In this sense, the Dataset of high impact that are identified will have to be free of charge.
  • Enlarges the scope of public enterprises, but with a looser legal regime towards the costs and obligations. However, any release of data has to be transparent, non-discriminatory and without requirements of exclusivity.
  • Datos de investigación: los Estados Miembro deberán tomar medidas para que organizaciones de investigación púbicas o que dispongan de fondos públicos para sus proyectos empiecen a abrir sus datos. La Directiva se enfoca en los datos que ya están publicados de este tipo de organizaciones.
  • Connection to the non-exclusive, introduces transparency requirements of agreements.

For more information, you can consult the Technical note: " The new directive on reuse of public Sector information "

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