PAe - New OBSAE technical note: the New Directive on re-use of public Sector information
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Nueva nota técnica del OBSAE: La Nueva Directiva en materia de Reutilización de la Información del Sector Público

04 july 2019


Now begins the deadline for the spanish state start their transposition, with the deadline of 17 july 2021.

The commission initiated the process of revising the directive 2013/37/EC concluyéndose with the publication in DOUE, on 26 june, of the new Directive (EU) 2019/1024 (Opens in new window) del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo en materia de apertura de datos del sector público y su reutilización, de la que cabe destacar lo siguiente:

  • With respect to the provision of dynamic data via APIs created the concept of Dataset of high impact to be determined through Delegated Acts, with the obligation to the EEMMs of disclosure via APIs. In the remaining cases have been raised make them available on a reasonable time so that it does not mean a disproportionate effort.
  • Respecto a las tarifas se plantea reducir las excepciones que permitan cobrar más de los costes marginales para la provisión de los datos. En este sentido, los Dataset de alto impacto que se determinen tendrán que proveerse gratuitamente.
  • The scope to public companies, but with a legal regime more lax towards the costs and obligations. However, any release of data must be transparent, non-discriminatory and non-exclusive requirements.
  • Research data: the Member States should take steps to ensure that public research organizations or public funds for their projects begin to open your data. The Directive focuses on data that are already issued this type of organizations.
  • With respect to non-exclusivity, introduces transparency requirements of the agreements.

For further information visit: "Technical Note The New Directive on re-use of public Sector information "

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