PAe - FORM integrates with Authentic
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FORM integrates with Authentic

25 february 2019

Logo Form

The system is a system that allows you to generate forms and for his cumplimentación surveys web editor. Provides the possibility of creating forms and autoadministrarlos without programming skills.

So far, nurtures FORM of portal users of electronic administration (PAe). From now on, will FORM the users of Authentic, abandoning the old high service users (CAS) of the PAe.

In addition to the login, Authenticates it will use to give permits in a form other users, as to define users who will go in the form. In both cases, has created a form of users of Authentic, will enable searches by name, vat or email.

It also includes a new feature in the system that allows users to the exchange of forms in a simple way without having to manage additional permissions so they can copy a form. The export/import of forms is carried out with .json files where the structure and form's settings.

More information in paragraph download solution form of the PTT.

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