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PAe - The Government approves the creation of the Cyber operations for the General administration of the state
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The Government approves the creation of the Cyber operations for the General administration of the state

    18 February 2019

    The launch of this service will take place in a maximum of 24 months and is strategic for maintaining the operation of services in the Internet AGE before the risk of attacks increasingly dangerous.

    The cabinet has approved the creation of the centre of operations of cybersecurity as an instrument of the General administration of the state (AGE) and its associated or subordinate public bodies to consolidate the Shared Service Managed security, declared as a service shared by commission agreement TIC Strategy on 15 September 2015.

    The purpose of the operations center of cybersecurity (SOC, English named “Security Operations Center ”) is the provision of cybersecurity horizontal services that enhance the ability of surveillance and detection of threats in the daily operations of the information and communications systems of the AGE, as well as improving its ability to respond to any attack.

    Prevention before the growing threat of cyberattacks

    Cyber attacks have become a major threat for governments and countries. According to the National PKIX Centre (CCN), an agency under the National intelligence Center (CNI), in the year 2018 have registered approximately 34,000 ciberincidentes of various kinds in public sector entities and companies of strategic interest, 25% more than the previous year. These attacks, 5% have been classified as dangerous very high, resulting in significant loss of reputation, and at times of national security.

    Electronic services, which have become the center of the tape and are mandatory for companies and used increasingly by citizens, currently lacked a necessary protection able to mitigate the growing threats from abroad.

    Collaboration ministry of Territorial Policy and function Pública-cni

    To control these risks there is a strategic priority to strengthen security policies and technological infrastructures and organizational to prevent and combat threats in the computer systems of public administrations. This is the objective of the project of SOC for the AGE, run by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, through the General secretariat of administration Digital, in collaboration with the CCN-CNI.

    The responsibility of SOC will be the General secretariat of Digital Administration, which will hold the strategic direction through the division of planning and coordination of cybersecurity, the operation of the service by CCN-CERT (“Computer Emergency Response Team ”), the defence ministry, as a National Government CERT, in accordance with the royal decree 3 / 2010 that regulates the national security Scheme.

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