PAe - FACe, management of credit in electronic invoices
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FACe, management of credit in electronic invoices

01 february 2019

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FACe enables within their means of the management of the assignment of credit in electronic invoices.

FACe it has put in place the necessary resources in order to manage credit in electronic invoices. Version of format facturae that supports the electronic credit is Facturae 3.2.2, while admitting FACe continues, in addition, the versions 3.2 and 3.2.1 format.

For public administrations can manage the assignment of a receivable should be duly filled in (FactoryAssignmentData invoice. http://www.facturae.gob.es . This new feature allows the administration directly from FACe or from its accounting system is obtaining documentation associated with the assignment of a receivable that is in the hands of the college of Notaries and that the supplier has stated within the invoice.

The assignment will be a separate process to download the bill that public administration for whom you should handle the invoice. If the administration accepted the assignment, provide access to the status of the invoices to the assignee from the time available on record the validation of the notice of assignment by the legal service, without it being left without access to the assignor, which would not bind to differentiate between assignments with consideration of factoring with or without recourse.

If the administration does not support the assignment between the assignor will continue to have all rights on the invoice and the assignee may not access it.

More information on integration and use, user manuals and integration in the download area of FACe .

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