PAe - review of the initiative Brings in 2019
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Review of the initiative Brings in 2019

30 december 2019

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The initiative Provides summarizes the activities undertaken in 2019 on the momentum of open data in spain.

Infographics 2019 Balance of the initiative Provides In the initiative Brings started 2019 with an extensive list of purposes of new year, which revolved around a common goal: continuar creciendo e impulsando el ecosistema de datos abiertos en España. Now that the year, it is time to take stock and see whether we have fulfilled our purposes.

2019 has been a year of Success for the initiative Brings. A further year, we remain positioned among the leading open data in europe, presiding second position of the Contents of maturity of the European Data portal (Opens in new window) . This year we have increased our score a 9 per cent over the previous year, emphasizing mainly in the categories of “ portal ” and “ impact ” where we occupy the first place.

In addition, the growth in visitor numbers a datos.gob.es has been remarkable: we have exceeded the 700,000 visits about 36 per cent more than in 2018. It has also increased our catalogue of data, which now has more than 25,000 data sets published by 141 agencies ; and we have grown in social networks, to expand our communities of twitter and linkedin 10 per cent and 26 per cent respectively.

2019 has also brought a lot of developments the portal, and the new blog of innovation or sectoral sections currently, dedicated to segments of culture and agriculture We Have published. reports on various issues, conducted further interviews and writing more than 100 articles efforts to disseminate trends and developments of the universe of open data leading initiatives, case studies in the publication and reuse of data, etc.

And we cannot forget those events and activities, such as the developed countries Meeting Brings 2019 (Opens in new window) that hung up for the full capacity to discuss the data of high value; or Sectoral day brings: Agro-Industry (Opens in new window) , where experts discussed the challenges in the sector and how open data could help address them. The following should also be highlighted: Challenge Brings 2019 (Opens in new window) - which it submitted 40 ideas for improving the efficiency of the agricultural sector, forestry and rural areas and which culminated in the victory of Optimacis, followed by CopperApp and Ecoveo.

Now, at 2020, we must return to develop our list of purpose, which we hope to overcome hand in hand with all the publishing partners and reutilizadores each year the Initiative you grow. Many thanks!

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