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Development of the meeting Brings 2019

20 december 2019

The Meeting was Provided By 2019 slogan “ fostering high-value data ", in reference to the 6 categories of data that are considered high value for the new european legislation on open access and reuse of public sector information: geospatial data, environmental, meteorological, statisticians, related to commercial companies and mobility.

In the meeting had highlighted the progress in spain at the opening of the data on public disclosure of society and businesses, as an active role in promoting democracy more transparent and participatory manner, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The act, opened by the secretary of State for the advancement Digital, Francisco Polo, and the secretary of State of public office, José Antonio Benedict, has been structured around three panel discussions had analysed the keys to the data availability and utilization of high value, as well as opportunities for economic momentum of the data to the emergence of new paradigms in technology.

The Awards of the challenge Brings

In parallel to the meeting, as every year, awards were Challenge Brings 2019. Fernando de Paul, The Secretary-General of Digital Administration, the Director-General of Telecommunications and Information technologies, Roberto Sánchez, and the Director General of Red.es Registrar, David Cierco were responsible for their delivery.

The convening of the challenge is making this year has brought with the theme “ the value of the data for the agri-forestry and rural, ” and has been targeted to identify new ideas and prototypes based on open data that will help to improve the efficiency in this sector, crucial for the creation of wealth and employment.

The winners were:

  • 1: Optimacis Prize System
  • 2Nd Prize: Cubicación Choperas LiDAR
  • 3Rd Prize: EcoVeo

Summary of the winning initiatives and contributions (Opens in new window)

Spain has established itself as a country doctor in the area of data open

In terms of figures and results, in this year's Meeting Provides, covered - as we own way - to light in the data the last Open Data Maturity Report (Opens in new window) the eu. Spain ranks third consecutive year, the second position at european level in the area of data, according to the open Data Portal (Opens in new window) the european commission. As such, it forms part of the group of business providers, according to this body. The study found that open data will result in savings of $1.7 million euros in costs to the public administration in 2020. Furthermore, it will improve the performance and contribution to the efficiency of public services, detecting unnecessary costs or redundant information across different sectors.

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