PAe - Published 11 guides of implementation of the policy of electronic document management
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Guides published 11 policy implementation of electronic document management

02 August 2019

Ministries of finance and Territorial Policy and Public Function have published jointly 11 guides of implementation of the policy of electronic document management, to facilitate their implantation in the light of the experience and the implementation of laws 39/2015 and 40/2015.

The guides (Opens in new window) try the implantation of politics of electronic document management, use of agents and managers documentaries and management processes documentary:

  1. Application guide of implantation of politics electronic document management (Opens in new window)
  2. Application guide capture and Register (Opens in new window)
  3. Application guide of classification (Opens in new window)
  4. Application guide of Description (Opens in new window)
  5. Application guide of access to information (Opens in new window)
  6. Application guide rating (Opens in new window)
  7. Application guide conservation (Opens in new window)
  8. Application guide of transfer (Opens in new window)
  9. Application guide phase (Opens in new window)
  10. Application guide of Agents and managers Documentaries (Opens in new window)
  11. Application guide of Digitalization (Opens in new window)

In the year 2014 issued the management policy of electronic documents from the finance ministry and public administrations, the first to be developed in the environment of the General administration of the State. For having been agreed between the different agencies of the ministry, as well as the General Office of State archives of then Education ministry Culture and sports, and the ministry of the presidency, this policy became a reference for the management policies of electronic documents later, both of the AGE, as autonomous communities, local entities and universities. In the year 2016 adopted the second edition of the policy of electronic document management (Opens in new window) the then Ministry of Finance and Public Function.

After four years since the publication of the policy of electronic document management has become necessary an update of the same, taking into account the accumulated experience in the processing and electronic file, adaptation to laws 39/2015 (Opens in new window) and 40/2015 (Opens in new window) as well as the need to provide more direction that facilitates the practical application of the documentary management processes.

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