PAe - adoption of Common metadata Schema (eEMC) as a recommendation of use for all AAPP
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Adoption of Common metadata Schema (eEMC) as a recommendation of use for all AAPP

22 april 2019

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As a result of the work of the document, Record and electronic archiving of both the Sectoral Committee and the CDTIC, has adopted the outline of the Common Metadata as recommendation for use by all the public authorities.

InSide is a system for the management of electronic documents and records that meets the requirements for that both could be stored and/or be ENI, according to the framework that sets the ground rules for the exchange and storage of documents and electronic records.

The Common Metadata (eEMC) shaping some common to all entities handling procedures are as the person concerned, both individual or a legal Representative,,, procedures, Documentary Information of context and a government agency:

  • Concerned: information relating to the individual as your contact details, identification, consent or notice.
  • Procedure : information describing the procedure as a sector, the unit's database tramitadora, data from official resolutor, etc.
  • Procedure: descriptive information of an administrative procedure target effects of silence, administrative, policy which supports, etc.
  • Documentary information: contextual information of a document that describes the implementation tramitadora reference files, data, etc.
  • Public agency: information describing a.

For more information on the outline, accessing Download Área of the InSide the CTT solution in the working group of the record and document, electronic file.

  • Infrastructure and common services