PAe - the exchange of registration through the platform SIR exceeds 10 million seats in February
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El intercambio de asientos registrales a través de la Plataforma SIR supera los diez millones de asientos en febrero

09 April 2019

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Durante el mes de marzo de 2019 se ha alcanzado la cifra de 10.876.068 de asientos registrales electrónicos intercambiados por SIR.

The network system logs are the basic infrastructure that allows the exchange of electronic registry entries between public administrations.
This exchange of information is done through assistance offices in registration (OAMR) securely between applications of certified according to register the technical standard of interoperability of data model for the exchange of seats between the registry entities (SICRES 3.0).
The progressive incorporation of Public Administrations to the platform SIR has been a very considerable increase in the number of registration exchanged, monthly average exchanged in some 300,000 records.
In the following diagram you can see the growth since 2016:

December 2016 December 2017 December 2018 March 2019
2.853.384 5.372.416 9.749.004 10.876.068

The forecast is that the exchange through SIR further increased as they continue to the influx of new administrations to SIR, especially Local Entities and also new OAMR already integrated administrations of national and regional and Universities.

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