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I Am ITCIP on Public Innovation

  • online
  • 21 september 2021 - 07 october 2021
  • 11:15

After the submission of the institute of transfer of knowledge in Public Innovation last march, the ITCIP offers four virtual workshop using different themes to catch up in several respects.

The First Encounter ITCIP on innovation will provide a previous meeting of the 21 september, and four virtual workshop on the dates:

  • 1St Day: 28 september "innovation published in the era post-COVID"

  • 2Nd Day: 30 september "artificial intelligence as a tool of" organisational innovation

  • 3Rd Day: 5 october "public Innovation as an engine of development of rural Spain" and emptied

  • 4Th Day: 7 october: "disruptive Innovation, creativity and illusionism gamificación"

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