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Forum User: IT New impetus to the evolution of the digital Administration

  • Online
  • 18 may 2021
  • 9:00

The Spain Digital 2025 Plan includes among its main the impetus to the digitization of public administration . According to the report of the european commission DESI, spain is situated in second place among the 28 members of the eu in the categorization of countries with better development of their public services.

However, also recognizes that “ the mere existence of e-services does not produce efficiency and reduce administrative burdens; requires a modernization and adaptation processes channels to achieve an effective use, safe and secure by citizens and enterprises. Therefore, there is room for improvement and satisfy their demands, and to fulfil the commitment of excellence on the part of public administrations ”.

The arrival of the european funds NextGenerationEU , availability of technology and technology companies  preparadas en nuestro país para apoyar a la Administración Pública en su transformación, y la  adaptation of ICT profiles  que trabajan en los organismos públicos, constituyen una excelente oportunidad para potenciar ese objetivo de digitalización y, por tanto, de excelencia de las AA.PP. Y la oportunidad es ahora.

These three tracks will be analysed in the event “Foro IT User: Nuevos impulsos para la evolución de la Administración digital” the next 18 may 2021 in the us all the innovations introduced in the latest version of the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience.

With the cooperation of Público-privada collaborative forum (Opens in new window) and ASTIC (Opens in new window)

Original source of event (Opens in new window) where registration is available to you, presentation of the event and the Agenda.

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