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Part-time data in local governments 20/30

  • online
  • 09 march 2021
  • 09:30

The city of Alcobendas and the institute for the transfer of knowledge in Public Innovation (ITCIP) with the support of the FEMP, convened a day devoted to provide a comprehensive vision of the projects that innovative local administrations are developing around the world of Fact, the so-called oil of the twenty-first century.

The Figure is acquiring increasing ownership and local entities are not unrelated to it. The entry permits, analyse, monitor, predict, improve and move forward in a more efficient and better service for citizens, and collaborate to create and manage innovative infrastructure.

The FEMP, through its network of local government agencies by transparency and citizen participation, is a pioneer in the advancement of the opening of data from local governments. The city of Alcobendas coordinates the group of network data and is committed to the international bill of open, to strengthen its commitment to the dissemination of the world of Data and the commitment to make the AAPP more open and transparent. The spanish network of Intelligent Cities (RECI), the creation of large banks of data in its project of Intelligent and sustainable Cities. The ITCIP in collaboration with the provincial de Córdoba and with the support of Oracle started its commitment to the world of Data in the first day for the sector on 1 december.

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