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Open Data Day 2021

  • online
  • 06 march 2021

The Open Data Day is celebrated annually for enthusiasts of data throughout the world and a great opportunity for communities to show the benefits of open data and find out what others are doing in this field.

The day of open data is an annual celebration of the open around the world. For the tenth time in history, groups from around the world will create local events that will open data in their communities to create applications, visualizations, release and publish data analysis.

The event is open to everyone, since public servants who can help to improve the government, so that developers can develop solutions to address the most pressing problems of society. All the work carried out are open for use and re-usarse.

The edition 2021 focuses on four themes:

  • Environmental data;
  • Follow-up to the flow of public money;
  • Open mapping; and
  • Data for an equal development

It is possible join the event (Opens in new window) to connect with communities around the world (thanks to its interactive map of activities (Opens in new window) ) and inspire governments, companies and individuals to use and reuse open!

And if you are interested in organizing an event, you can request — until the deadline establecido- support through the scheme of the Open Data mini-subvenciones Day 2021 (Opens in new window) .

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