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Online discussion on the directive of web accessibility

  • Online
  • 23 september 2020
  • 15:00

The General Directorate of networks, content and communications technology invites you to an online discussion on the directive of Web Accessibility, co-sponsored with the european disability forum, on 23 september 2020.

The Directive on web accessibility, adopted in 2016, established on 23 september to 2020 as the date on which all websites of the public sector from the eu should be accessible to persons with disabilities. The online event will mark this important milestone for digital accessibility and participation in the eu.

Key stakeholders highlight the achievements and challenges in terms of practical implementation of the web accessibility from different perspectives, including policymakers, member states, activists, users, academia and practitioners of accessibility.

The event in on-line public, free and engraving. international Interpretation will be provided in sign language and subtitles.

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