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Second Meeting of the national security

  • Online: Through the platform VANESA
  • 24 june 2020
  • 08:45

It is organized by the centre National Cryptologic, in collaboration with the ministry of economic and Digital Processing (Secretariat-General for administration Digital). It has opened a deadline of 5 june to the receipt of proposals for contribution to this meeting.

On 8 january this year, were met 10 years since the promulgation of royal decree 3/2010, of 8 january, which established the national security. This RD aimed to establish a security policy in the use of electronic means at its Scope of application and was composed of the basic principles and minimum requirements that allowed for adequate protection of information. A total of 75 security measures, compiled in three main Areas: organizational framework, operations and measures of protection.

At its tenth anniversary, the Centre National Cryptologic organizes its Second Meeting of the national security which will take place on 24 june, and will be relayed through its platform Vanesa (Opens in new window) .

Under the heading of “ ten years of new challenges and solutions ” the meeting will have a block of the session in the morning and another of workshops in the afternoon, pic selected open. All rooms have the thread that runs through the revision of National Cybersecurity so as to facilitate a better response to needs and trends of cyber-vulnerabilities are reduced and encourage the active defence in all public administrations in spain.

Proposals for contribution (Call for Papers)

The CCN-CERT has opened the deadline for receipt of proposals for contribution (Call For Papers) in this Second Meeting. For those interested in becoming involved have until 5 june to send your proposal to the email .

The theme will focus on the following:

  • Success stories of implementation of the NHIS in any of the public sector agencies.
  • Hands-on workshop ENS alignment
  • Tools for the correct measurement of state for security and governance.
  • National Report of the state of The Security Council
  • Compliance procedure, proceedings of appropriateness and declaration of effectiveness
  • Cases of successful in securing compliance, both in the AAPP and the private sector.
  • Certification bodies: public Sector certificate and Certified Companies.
  • Outputs ICT security qualified for use in the TEAMS.
  • Culture of cybersecurity linked, particularly on training, progress and developments.

Agenda (Opens in new window)

Proposals for contribution (Opens in new window)

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