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II Conference Sharing and Reuse 2019

  • ROMEXPO, 65-67 Marasti boulevard, Bucarest, 011465, Rumania
  • 11 June 2019
  • 09:15

La Conferencia Compartir y Reutilizar 2019 está organizada por el Programa ISA² de la Comisión Europea, bajo la Presidencia rumana del Consejo de la UE y reunirá a representantes de la administración pública y del sector privado para discutir políticas y estrategias de fuente abierta, y su aplicación en los Estados miembros de la UE.



The second edition of the conference of shared use and reuse will bring together representatives from the public and private sector, as policymakers and making legal professionals, buyers, managers of thee, developers and enthusiasts of open source. Talk about their experience, challenges and best practices for sharing and reuse software and services thee within public administrations.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore ways to build and support open source communities and increase the adoption of the best solutions. The event will also address trends as encoding with citizens, the joint creation or new approaches to the security of open source.

During the conference, the European commission announced the winners of the prizes Sharing & Reuse Awards 2019 (Opens in new window) . This contest for European public administrations aims to reward THEE solutions more innovative shoots. Representatives of 16 also shortlisted solutions will present their work at the conference.

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