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PAe - electronic administration consolidates the Illes Balears through the platform PINBAL
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Electronic administration consolidates the Illes Balears through the platform PINBAL

02 February 2018

PINBAL, the platform of interoperability of The Balearic Isles which makes it possible that citizenship does not have to provide documentation that public administration already has, has gone from 4-188 procedures in just 5 years.

Interoperability between Balearic administrations and the rest of the state is possible through PINBAL (Opens in new window) , a technological solution developed by the government of the Balearic Islands, which via a web application allows you to consult the available data from the administrations telematics way. Thanks to this, tape as schooling for children, the nominations for competitions and oppositions, or the application of subsidies, that before submitting a lot of documentation required, it is now easier thanks to the platform that allows PINBAL consult these data via internet much more efficient and saving a lot of time and costs to both users and public administration and agencies.

It should be noted that some of the procedures that more used PINBAL target priority sectors of government, and for the 2017 procedures as recognition of the degree of dependency or disabled (18.549) and the right to the performance of the system (13.738); or procedures related to education as schooling (44.817) or dining aids (:), are among the most used. This is especially important for groups such as disabled, for whom the simplification of these procedures is a significant improvement, by not having to travel to provide documentation.

Likewise, we must mention that in addition to the number of consultations also has increased the number of procedures to be resolved through the application, which has been steadily increased from 2013 and that already allows to manage today 188 procedures and has managed 396.729 consultations from 2013. In 2017 has been made in total 209.546 consultations, a figure that reflects the consolidation of the system during the past two years (2016-2017), in which have increased these consultations in a 45 ’ 8% (of 143.696 to 209.546).

The majority of consultations of the 2017 have been made to the General Administration of the state (consultations 176.530), followed by those in the coming from Illes Balears (consultations 33.016). These consultations entities are attached to the covenant of interoperability through which the signatories are added to the platform either to share data own either to request the query. In this way, are already 69 the number of entities in the Balearic Islands that have signed the convention. Of entities to the convention, which already use PINBAL to perform any procedure are 13, but it is expected that the use of the application will increase the incorporation of the rest of entities.

Interoperability between administrations is essential for the implantation of electronic administration since it allows the different agencies are able to interact with them through a common framework and standards that makes possible the exchange of information and knowledge among them in order to avoid having to ask the input of information to citizens. Thanks to the platform PINBAL, managed by the Founding Bit (Opens in new window) , the different public administrations of the islands are capable of offering citizens quality public services efficiently and with the lowest possible cost.

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