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Inter-Administration (Service

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    KORINTO sarbidea (Leiho berri batean Irekitzen Du)
    A communication service between administrations, including unstructured information, in accordance with Articles 32 and 34 of Royal Decree 1671/2009.
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    Public Administration Any
    Network service integrable in customers applications , Network service for end-users
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    Common service Infrastructure.
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    Communications infrastructure and messenger , Support for the processing mail , Horizontal services for the AA.PP
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    Government and public sector
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    CORINTO enables the creation of different thematic inbox folders to receive communications sent by different bodies. It allows to easily create folders that can be configured with different options of signature and register.

    Among other factors, it allows to establish the rules of exchange between the different units that will be communicated through a secure mechanism, with register guarantees and the ones provided by the electronic signature mechanisms.

    CORINTO allows to configure each unit of the Directory with the possibility of referral, to units which are set, for each inbox folder. Similarly, these units may be any of the existing in DIR3: local entities, units of the autonomous regions and all of the National State Administration.

    For each referral, the sender and the receiver could share attached documentation to that request.

    Web Services

    Furthermore, the communication between different units may be performed in such a way that the interlocutors of the communication may be indiscriminately:

    • public access with digitala edo individuals employees who certificate; eta

    applications which provide mechanisms of automation through web services for referral and consultation of the status of the same, etc.


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