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System of unification and administrative information management

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    UNICA aims to unify the existing data related to people working in the ministry. Brings Together information from all the collectives, including: administrative data, allocated resources, and management of its authorization for internal applications integrated with Unique.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Installable product

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    Human resources management
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    Government and the public Sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Windows, Linux


    UNICA is a live system that aims to resolving the controlled warehousing, updated of all information that surrounds a person in the Ministry.

    Some of the objectives are:

    • Unify all data related to the ministry Personnel in a single system: administrative data, computer resources and physical location
    • Proporcionar datos comunes y actualizados a todas las aplicaciones que los necesiten
    • Identities manager, which provides authorization to authenticated users for new applications of the ministry that integrate with UNICA
    • Provide a tool of information of contact information to the Ministry staff available in the Intranet

    Some of the advantages it provides:

    • Tanto los usuarios gestores de los datos, como el personal del Ministerio, como los usuarios de las aplicaciones que emplean los datos, se benefician de información actualizada.
    • This implies a cost savings of consultations of the allocation of resources or contact management tools, development of systems to manage such data independently …
    • La centralización de la información en un único sistema, implica la reducción de costes en gestión individualizada y repetitiva de la misma información.
    • Mejora el control de la información del personal, y de los recursos asociados, redundando en una mejora de la gestión y provisión de los mismos, ahorrando costes innecesarios y proporcionando y retirando el recurso cuando es realmente necesario.

    Is reduced to development applications to be managed centrally and only the authorization of users.

    • It centralizes information in a single point
    • Improving information security
    • Improving existing information staff
    • Promotes the sharing of information

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