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The European supplement Electronic Title (SET-e)

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    The conference of presidents of Spanish universities (CRUE) presents a proposal Modeling of European Supplement to the title focused on the internationalization and alignment with the national Schema Interoperability, which seeks to promote normalization and data exchange academics.
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    Citizen any Public Administration
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    Content model

    Daniel Sánchez Martínez

    Telephone: 868 88 80 00

    Project leader Electronic Administration – CRM
    Technical Coordinator of the working group of e-administración – CRUE-TIC

    The working group of e-administración of CRUE-TIC has as main responsibility building e-administración within the Spanish University System (SUE), identifying best practices, promoting agreements, conducting studies, promoting projects and participating in events.

    Within these agreements, it maintains a fruitful collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations (MINHAP), launched in the context of each delivery of electronic administration services, and that extends to areas such as the development of technical standards of ENS and the ENI, project s concrete moves AS edufide-ii, and the project of European identification stork, together with its evolution stork2.


    Metadata template

    Nugget Raventós

    Telephone: 973 702 005

    The university archivist de Lleida
    Secretary of the executive committee of the Archivists conference Spanish universities CRUE University Files

    The conference of Archivists of Spanish universities of CRUE consists of the file technicians Spanish universities of title both public and private, and aims to collaborate in tasks, objectives and common achievements that lead to improve the management of the documentary heritage Spanish centres of higher education.

    The files of universities, specifically have promoted activities, reports, publications and agreements within the framework of electronic administration for the conservation of documents for the purpose of weight of evidence and memory as documentary heritage in universities and as a reference in our country. Within this work, highlight the collaboration with CRUE-TIC and with ministries involved in the development of standards around electronic document and digital archive.

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    Semantic active
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    Semantic assets
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    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Legal, political, semantic


    The European supplement to the title (SET) offers the possibility that the current European university students can benefit, after their studies, the benefits that brings to his academic and professional mobility, which their titles are accompanied by a document of effective information on the level and content of lessons that have issued at a university concrete.

    Although the European commission provides general guidelines on the structure of the document and even the regulatory developments of each country introduce particularities and specificities, there is an electronic format defined to operate automatically with the information of the supplement, nor that facilitates its issuance and reuse electronics.

    To fill this void, the Guiding conference of Spanish Universities (CRUE) a proposal has pushed modeling that has been developed through a joint collaboration Sectoral commission of information technology and communications (CRUE-TIC) and Archivists conference of Spanish universities (CAU) .

    CRUE-TIC has been responsible for developing the content model for the electronic SET within this proposal. The CAU, for its part, has developed the model of metadata. The main objectives of this proposal are as follows:

    • Promote interoperability and automatic interpretation of the data contained in the SET between different organizations both national and international.
    • Facilitate the printing of electronic SET from stylesheets predefined.
    • Establishing a complete specification and extensible to respond to the internal needs in terms of national regulations, but it can also serve as European reference format.
    • Obtain an electronic administrative document with full legal validity.


    19 July 2016

    Released version 1.1 of European Supplement Electronic Title (SET-e) Unshade accordion

    Has been released version 1.1 of content model of SET-e maintained by the Sectoral commission of information technology and communications (CRUE-TIC) . Its principal innovations are as follows.

    • Form of study: Correct a typo in the denomination English “ characteristic form of study ” whose translation is “ Mode of study ” and is quoted as “ Model of study ”.  
    • Practices in company : The new scheme allows users to connect data from practices carried out by the student in more than one company with a module, field, subject (Course Unit). Moreover, it adds a new optional element which allows to inform the number of hours of training (TrainingHours).  
    • Country of birth: Has been established as optional attribute that identifies the country of birth of the list of countries ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 in anticipation of cases in which we do not have this information.  
    • EHEA Framework: Has been established as optional attribute that identifies the qualifications framework of the European Higher Education Area (Bolonia cycles), which in some cases can not be determined not to be collected the equivalence in the educational system.

    Additionally, the Archivists conference of Spanish Universities (CAU) has developed a model of file's metadata for the SET-e that enriches the proposal and that it brings from this version.


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