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Gestión de Recursos Administrativos de la Secretaría de Estado de Administraciones Públicas

  • Functional description

    The main features of the application are:

    • Registration of resources: allows high, low and editing and contencioso-administrativos administrative resources.
    • Tape maintenance : each resource has an associated actions list along its management (reports, writings, communications, etc.)
    • Maintenance of stakeholders: enables stakeholders and eventually their representatives (physical and legal persons), with your contact details.
    • Documentary management : can be linked to each resource all kinds of electronic documents.
    • Search: includes a powerful search engine with possibility of filtered by any data associated with resources.
    • Templates : enables storing recursos-tipo to facilitate data entry in resources with many common data (e.g. massive resources)
    • Automatic generation of documentation: to generate documentation associated even file: tags of direction, offices … There Are readily customisable templates for these documents.
    • Generation of reports : there are several types of reports available for export to Excel or PDF: outstanding files, matters in progress...
    • Maintenance of teachers tables: tipos de expedientes, tipos de trámites, plantillas, centros directivos, tipos de documentos… más de 20 tablas maestras permiten adaptar el funcionamiento de la aplicación a cualquier organnismo.

    Technical Description

    Esta aplicación está orientada a un entorno Web y las características en que se basa dicho desarrollo son:

    • Oracle 11g: database of the application
    • Apache 2: web server with SSL activated
    • 6: Tomcat application server
    • Java IS 6 (Spring, Hibernate): programming platform
    • Alfresco 3.4.11: documentary manager
    • User management of the DSIC external: system for authentication and authorization of users.
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