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Basque Public Network of centres KZgunea

  • Indicators:
    • Open KZgunea centres: 277.
    • Coverage of Municipalities: 100%.
    • Registered Users: 365,000.
    • Trained users: 262,000.
    • Average daily People in places: 3,500.
    • Satisfied Users: men make up 96.81%.
    • Ratio of claims/suggestions received: 0.01%.

    Functional description

    The Digital literacy project consisted of the launch of a network of public service centres for training and the use of the TICs in all the municipalities of Mountain Bike.

    A este respecto, hoy en día, la red KZgunea supera los registered users 365,000 , of which, over 130,000, have been formed for the first time in The Internet; most women, personal unemployed and elderly, social sectors that are far from new technologies.

    From the standpoint functional, the project aims to reduce the digital divide between the groups of citizens with greater difficulty of access to new technologies , lo cual, a la vista de los datos obtenidos, se ha logrado. Aún si dicha brecha ha sido reducida, no ha sido eliminada por lo que se continua la labor mediante “KZgunea II Generación”.

    From the point of view organizational , to carry out a project of such scope and put into operation KZgunea centres, it took:

    • Staff : center of management, personnel manager (guardians) and trained staff (monitors).
    • Equipment : hardware, software, network, local municipal, portals and recruitment drives.
    • IZENPE certification services .

    From the point of view operation , the essential characteristics for the development of the project were: confidence in the service of the 277 centres, certified in the standard UNE 93200:2008 of AENOR, guaranteed safety certified in the standard UNE 9001:2000 of AENOR, accessibility and usability driven by “ network of centres KZgunea ", inclusion in 100% of municipalities Basques and the remarkable citizen participation through constructive criticism . Also, there was some tools and components of vital importance who pushed for the development of the project, as the portal KZgunea ( (Opens in new window) ), which was crucial to offer citizen access to all the information related to the services offered, and added to this, the multicanalidad and multilingualism towards the E-government services offered.

    Technical Description

    From the point of view of the solution technological centres network KZgunea has established itself as important infrastructure and platform, capable of carrying out actions of broad scope aimed to citizenship and businesses, especially the smallest . The functioning of this platform is controlled and coordinate management centres, which are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to be a centre KZgunea.


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