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Citizen's Electronic Window

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    Offer the citizen from one tool that can access all the information associated with telematic relations with the administration of the community of Catillano and Lion
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    Citizen, Company
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    Isabel Juana Valley
    Overall direction of Attention to the citizen, Quality and modernization
    983 415031

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
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    Technical Area:
    Tramitación electrónica , Sitios web, sedes electrónicas y atención al ciudadano , Soporte a la tramitación electrónica
    Functional Area:
    Personal documents, government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    Since the publication of the decree 40/2005 of 19 May, enabling the different elements identified in this decree have continued to a process of evolution and maturity in line with the needs identified in the implantation of the AE in the community of Catillano and Lion.

    Example of this evolution is the citizen's Window: The information that the regional administration has the citizen are offered through several applications, which should also authenticate separately in each. With the introduction of the window of the citizen, It now has a single point of access unified documentation and information regarding its administrative procedures.


    • Providing citizens with an integrated and comprehensive vision of information, the formalities of the administration of the Community of Castilla and lion, and their status in which it participates as interested regardless of the body of the administration that handles.
    • Enable the citizen access from one place to services of electronic administration: buzón de notificaciones, registro electrónico de entrada, custodia de originales electrónicos, etc.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • Within the main challenges include distinta evolución, tanto tecnológica como organizativa, de los elementos que conforman la Plataforma de AE , and provide a homogeneous access to the NEIGHBORING regardless of the browser used.
    • The security of the web services of each module of the platform of E-government has been key to the introduction of the initiative , para ello la solución fue la utilización de certificados electrónicos de componentes software como credencial de identificación y autenticación de los clientes de estos servicios.
    • Future lines of evolution of the NEIGHBORING pass through progressively introduce new services such as the Electronic File .



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