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Signature validation service and certificates Online - Validate

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    Functional description

    El Servicio de Validación de Firmas y Certificados Online permite la validación de certificados y de firma electrónica de los principales Prestadores de Servicios de Certificación reconocidos de nuestro país, entre ellos la DGP.
    The services offered are:
    Validate certificates X.509 según la RFC 3280, de las Autoridades de Certificación incluidas en la plataforma. Entre las funcionalidades de validación se pueden destacar:
    • Recognition and validation of the electronic DNI issued by the General direction of the police, and multiple providers.
    • Validación de certificados X.509 según la RFC 3280, de todas las Autoridades de Certificación reconocidas en el país por el Ministerio de Industria.
    • Multilevel validation of certificates (in the case of structure of certification of more than two levels).
    • Obtain information for the fields of the certificate.
    • Validate certificates from electronic headquarters.
    Signature validation , indicando si la firma es correcta y la validez del certificado con que se generó.
    • If the signature is implies (the signature data are contained in a separate file name of the file containing the original document) will validate the original document.
    • Una vez validada la firma permite visualizar el documento firmado, así como los firmantes.
    Realization of an electronic signature . The platform allows several modes of signature:
    • Por defecto se realiza firma en formato CADES implícito. Para ficheros xml se realiza un firma XAdES y para ficheros pdf se realiza una firma PAdES.
    • To access this functionality requires the installation of an applet that provides a signature client that allows electronic document signed by citizens who access to services of E-government. for this are used digital certificates of user that are installed in the browser or available through a module PKCS # 11 installed in your browser.
    • If you want to make a signature in another format, or make signatures in parallel or cascaded is necessary to download the signature installable program on your computer which can be found on the same page to Validate signature.
    Demonstrator @firma services. Proporciona un demostrador del funcionamiento de los web-services para las Administraciones que deseen integrar los servicios de validación y firma de la Plataforma @firma en sus servicios electrónicos, para evaluar todos los servicios y realizar las pruebas funcionales necesarias
    The demonstrator is accessible from the direction https ://
    Validate white markings. The portals of administration and electronic headquarters can integrate already directly the functionality of Validate through the following links:


    Technical Description


    Validate is an application that provides a signature validation service and certificates online, using the corresponding services of the platform @firma in its Latest version.

    Makes use of a component for the realization of electronic signature in post-based client Java technology - applet -. The component has plug-ins for complete signatures in formats XAdES, and PAdES CAdES.

    VALIDe ofrece también un entorno de prueba de los servicios web que ofrece @firma para facilitar la integración de los servicios de @firma en las aplicaciones, de forma que puedan realizarse todas las pruebas funcionales pertinentes.

    The application is displayed in an environment Linux Red Hat with JBoss 5.1GA as application server open source J2EE implemented in Java pure.

    Validate is built in a software architecture of three layers:

    Layer of data (Continuation)

    • Los datos que se almacenan residen en una base de datos Oracle. La implementación del acceso a los datos se hace en Java mediante Hibernate.

    Control layer

    • The layer of control is implemented in java through the framework Spring.
    • Se recogen las peticiones de la capa de Vista del cliente-usuario y se redirigen a la capa de vista de Axis para la llamada a los webservices de @firma.
    • Esta capa es la encargada de implementar la validación CAPTCHA, que luego se envía a los JSPs de la capa de Vista del cliente-usuario.

    View layer or presentation
    There are two different reporting subcapas:

    • Como interfaz con el usuario de la aplicación: La vista de la aplicación web para el usuario, con la que éste interactúa. Está implementada mediante JSPs.
    • As with the interface of Francisco @firma: Implements the communication of calls and responses with the implementation of Francisco @firma, by sending files SOAP XML in petitions HTTPS. This framework meets specifications of WS-I Basic Profile and WS-I Security Profile.


    The language in which is developed Validate is Java, considered the resources necessary to fulfil its commitment to web accessibility, offers a free design and structure of visual and technological barriers that allow access to its contents to people with various disabilities, the elderly, and users in general.


    Validate has been developed following the following standards OpenSource:

    • Programming language: Java 1.6
    • Framework Spring.
    • JSP with tags JSTL 2.0.
    • Hibernate for access to BBDD.
    • 11 As Oracle database server
    • Apache Axis as SOAP with the interface of Francisco @firma, meeting the specifications of WS-I Basic Profile and WS-I Security Profile
    • Log4 as manager of logs.
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