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Sede electrónica de la Administración de la Comunidad de Castilla y León

  • Indicators:

    After 10 months of operation, the results are as follows:
    Over download dealings with 800 format.
    Over tape teletramitables 300 .
    Over 70 electronic services.

    Functional description

    The project consisted in the creation of a E-government Portal as a new channel of access to services managed by the JCYL, which resulted in the Electronic Site created by order ADM/2272/2009, 16 November, and commissioning in January 2010.

    Since the functional point of view , y para facilitar el acceso unificado a los procedimientos y servicios electrónicos, se desarrollaron features as follows: navigation Agile, clear and usable, with several search criteria (specific and by tabs); accessibility double; A connection with the electronic register; aids in the management through an informative summary tab for each procedure; policy and download specific information and a “ contact ” specific on each procedure; possibility of questions and request information, suggestions and complaints, and technical assistance through the 012; window of the citizen, desktop mode, where available files, status, configure your mailbox to receive electronic notifications, etc.; the link to EUGO, etc.

    From the standpoint organisational created a working group con distintos perfiles profesionales y dos tipos de interlocutores (funcional y técnico), que trabajó a tiempo parcial en el proyecto y que contó con la implicación directa de los responsables políticos.

    Since the operational point of view took into account best practices other institutional portals for the launch of the electronic site of the board of Catillano and Lion.

    Technical Description

    In relation to the technological solution the portal was developed under the content management platform Fatwire embedded in the Administrative information system JCYL Single, common entry point for the processing through Internet electronic procedures of all council elections.

    The main stages followed for the implantation of Electronic headquarters were:

    • Phase 1 (2 months): The aim was to dispose of the portal in production with the functionalities of search and browse steps and the burden of having electronic processing.
    • Phase 2 (1 month): The aim was to continue with the task of burden of contents of procedures and the provision of training for users editors for the maintenance of contents of headquarters.
    • Phase 3 (6 months): It continued with the work of loading and dump of information, and realization of settings, evidence, retouching and final design, and presented the Portal at different centers managers.

    For the lines of evolution in the future , it will continue to improve the features of the vestibule, completing contents and links, and look formalities and incorporate other AAPP services and will tend to technical assistance of third generation “ network ”, intelligent and interactive.

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