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Network in your municipality

  • Indicators:
    • 193 municipalities with the Virtual Office in production .
    • More than 500 entities the Framework Convention .
    • Más de 300 ayuntamientos dados de alta en el Perfil de Contratante .
    • 109 available electronic procedures .
    • More than 750,000 citizens interested for services of E-government.
    • More than 800 servants trained .
    • More than 80,000 people visits virtual offices .

    Functional description

    El proyecto comenzó con la creación de una plataforma de administración electrónica para Entidades Locales (EELL) de la Comunidad Valenciana, que actualmente está compuesta por los siguientes componentes:

    • Electronic headquarters. Punto de acceso único de los ciudadanos hacia todos los componentes de la plataforma, facilitando de este modo la comunicación con la Administración.
    • Catalogue of Procedures. Set of developed for formalities can be processed through the platform. Each handling account with the information of the operation of the same, including rules, requirements, deadlines and resolution, comments, etc.
    • Citizen folder. Es el espacio privado donde la ciudadanía y empresas podrán interactuar telemáticamente con las Entidades Locales. Dentro de esta parte privada tiene acceso al estado de todas las solicitudes que se han tramitado con la administración, así como los documentos tanto enviados como recibidos.
    • Contracting profile. Plataforma de Contratación de la Comunitat Valenciana que junto con el resto de Administraciones Públicas valencianas conformarán un repositorio único de publicación electrónica de información de concursos públicos.
    • Bus SOA integration. The Bus of integration is an internal component of the entire system, which is responsible for coordinating communications between all components, acting as a guarantor of interoperability. This makes it possible to integrate any system of information within the project simply to connect to the bus of integration, as is the case of the tools backoffice currently in use in local entities.
    • Electronic Services manager. Main tool of public employees where you can play their work and having a complete traceability of the state of the different procedures.
    • Telematic registry entry/Exit. Realiza el registro de toda la documentación que entra o sale de la Administración, bien sea por métodos telemáticos o mediante métodos presenciales.
    • System of citizen's Data. Is responsible for storing data on citizens required for the processing electronics, bringing them to the platform and acting as persistence layer
    • Documentary repository . The electronic processing continues to have a strong dependency documentary, but in this case beyond the border of paper and physical file, substituting electronic documents and centralized documentary repository.
    • CSV. Componente que genera el Código Seguro de Verificación (CSV). El CSV es un código numérico que el componente añade automáticamente al pie de los documentos firmados a través de la plataforma, tanto por la entidad local como por el ciudadano, para evitar que, una vez impresos en papel, pierdan su validez. La Oficina Virtual cuenta con un servicio de verificación de documentos en el que se introduce el CSV y se obtiene el documento original para su cotejo.
    • Authentication and Electronic signature. Allows the identification of the citizen of electronic form. Give legal validity to agreements and documents provided through the use of electronic certificates accredited by Certification authorities.
    • Sealing Times. Se encarga de certificar el día y hora para el registro telemático, los procesos de firma y el sistema de notificaciones entre otros.
    • System notifications and SMS Platform.. Is responsible for the management of warnings, alerts and notification of resolutions. Covers both communications binding and non-binding. Will identify the channels for communications binding and non-binding (SMS, email).
    • Payment gateway. Es el componente encargado de la interacción y el pago de servicios de forma telemática.
    • Manager of Payments. System that allows the payment of fees and taxes municipal via the Internet, and that can be used in isolation introducing manually receipt details and the owner of payment or well integrated with a handling of the Virtual Office or backoffice the Town itself.
    • Autoliquidaciones. Permite a los ciudadanos generar órdenes de pago a través de la Plataforma de tasas que requieren un cálculo previo que podrán ser pagadas electrónicamente a través de la Plataforma o presencialmente en una entidad financiera.
    • Appointment. Component that offers citizens the possibility of booking with paperwork quotes.
    • Registrations. Is the module that allows the citizen register at events organized by the municipality: cultural events, travel, training, etc.
    • Management of the representation of Third parties. Will manage representations of some citizens by others as well as the representation of a collective by one person. This management of representation control restrictions representation permits defined for each of them.
    • Portafirmas. Main functionality is to act as a client of signing of documents, providing extended functionality as the establishment of hierarchies of signature, notifications, etc. Encapsulates the client signing of @firma, using its functionality to carry out processes of signing of user.
    • Antivirus. An analysis on all documents that are exchanged with the Local entity, to ensure that are free of malicious code.

    Moreover, owing to the continuous evolution of the project, another series of components will be shortly added to the platform to expand the number of functions available through the E-government, such as:

    • Integration with the Single window services directive .
    • Mobile Virtual Office . Acceso a la Oficina Virtual a través de dispositivos móviles.
    • Public Employee folder . The official will have a system to perform applications on behalf of a citizen as well as access information of its Citizens Folder, authorization.
    • Noticeboard . Desktop publishing ads and edicts.
    • Electronic Invoice . Sending invoices so telematics between companies and administration.
    • Electronic bags. Telematic shipping documentation (interoperability)
    • Directory of the organization. Directory containing the structure of a Local Entity that will define the permissions of each employee on the platform.
    • Electronic File for storage and maintenance of documents.

    From the standpoint of organization, the project is supported by the main public entities the Valencian community (Generalitat, local councils and Valencian Federation municipalities and provinces).

    Technical Description

    In relation to the technological solution , chose an architecture Open Source with a modular structure coordinated by the bus of integration SOA connecting the components of the same, so that interoperability is total. In the lodging of the components of the platform, offers two modes of implantation: in mode and ASP onsite . In the way ASP, being the implantation centralized in the county councils, municipalities have free of the solution with high availability, technical service and without investing in hardware. This is a solution SaaS, Software as a Service where the candidates are responsible for arranging and maintain their infrastructures and offer the platform as a service to municipalities.
    In the format onsite the installation is done in the Town Hall infrastructure, which means that every Municipality is responsible for the cost and the maintenance of the installation.
    Furthermore, to guarantee a good and efficient adaptation of the components of the platform, created the Certification office Software (OCS) for the monitoring of evidence and revision of the source code and requirements of efficiency and safety, according to the protocol previously established. Furthermore, the design of the platform was conducted with the aim of municipalities to reuse the tools that may have already introduced to seize the investment already done and be able to use these tools together with the platform, through the definition of Integration contracts to integrate different horizontal solutions and individuals E-government as managers of files, tax information, data from Registers, etc.

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