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Online Store selling Publications

  • Indicators:
    • Invoices issued since February 2013: 10
    • Billing money online: 300 €
    • Natural number of publications on sale: 236
    • Number of electronic publications for sale: 85
    • Users: service of publications of the justice ministry, 7 users.
    • Number of visits: XX
    • estimated time savings, by official, for the management of sales to individuals (direct sale vs online sale): 30%

    Functional description

    • Consulting catalog and search for publications. You have the possibility of ordering by “ news ”, “ more sold ” and “ more visited ”
    • Purchase of publications. Functionality of shopping cart.
    • To purchase is necessary to be previously registered as online “ client ”. Each client has a small space in which to edit your data and consult your purchasing history can download the proof of the same, the invoice and, in the case of digital publications, the publication itself during a period of a few days since the acquisition of the same.
    • The payment of the purchase is carried out through a secure platform (in this case 4B). It Is necessary to contract this product with a bank.
    • The payment is effected by credit card.

    Technical Description

    It is necessary to use the application of “ Back-end ” Publiges .

    Base products used for exploitation in the justice ministry are:

    • SGBD: ORACLE 11G
    • Application server: JBOSS 4.2.3
    • Web Server: Apache 2.2.14
    • Payment gateway: PASAT 5.3 of 4B
    • Mail server: Exchange 2010

    The application is ready to be deployed in high availability (cluster JBOSS).

    Other products used in the application:

    • For generating reports and documents used Jasper reports.
    • For data collection of some tables teachers uses a unified database of the justice ministry (UNIC@), although the use of the same is optional in other ministries.

    Development architecture:

    • Frontal components: Struts2, C
    • Management of components: Spring
    • Persistence: PROJECT (included in JBoss since version 4)
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