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Ticketing tracker

  • Functional description

    Based on the concept of Incidence, understood as any question raised by a citizen in service 060 and to which the first level of this service was unable to answer, thus opening an internal procedure for its resolution and subsequent shipment of response to the citizen, are defined as main characteristics of the applicatifs:

    • GUI for the maintenance of occurrences.
      Se dispone de una interfaz Web a nivel Intranet que permite realizar todas las tareas de mantenimiento de incidencias y cambios de estado de las mismas
    • GUI for the maintenance of users.
      Provides a Web interface Intranet level that allows for all tasks of user maintenance, as well as control of the permissions and roles of the same within the applicatifs.
    • Reporting system incidents.
      Generate reports with the information of the incidences as well as the user accesses to the same with the following results among others:
      1. Occurrences resolved
      2. Occurrences resolved by user
      3. Outstanding incidences

    Technical Description


    Aplicación Web desarrollada con Java + J2ee. Basada en el modelo de struts MVC, utiliza el framework propio del MINHAP que combina Struts y Spring.

    The application server on which runs the application is JBOSS, attacking a database Oracle using as an engine of persistence Hibernate.

    La autenticación de los usuarios con acceso a los aplicativos se gestiona a través de OpenLdap.

    Technical Requirements:

    The minimum requirements for this project are:

    • Java virtual machine jdk 1.5 or higher
    • Jboss application server, but could also be used a Tomcat
    • Instance of database Oracle 9i
    • Openldap


    MINHAP's own Framework based on Watch with Spring integrated.


    Watch, XML