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Sistema de Verificación y consulta de Datos - Gobierno de Aragón

  • Indicators:

    Requests made during the year 2012: 69.406

    Functional description

    SVCD interactúa a través de servicios web con la Plataforma de Intermediación para obtener los certificados y datos solicitados por el empleado público.
    Services available are:

    • Consultation of identity.
    • Identity verification.
    • Verification of residence.
    • Comprobación de corriente de pago con la Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS).
    • Checking of flow of payment with the State Agency for tax administration (AEAT).
    • Contracts with Public administrations.
    • Licensing authorizations.
    • Aids and subventions.
    • Residence and work permits for foreigners.
    • Consultation of disability.


    • Core: Is the main component of the platform that includes the whole logic of the EPS and that is responsible for providing web services needed to the portal private. The services offered by the core are mentioned above, in addition to expose methods to the portal of administration
    • Priv: web application designed to public employees to interact with the EPS system. Its main task is quepuedan perform a query or a verification of identity data and residence, a query data of disability, or a query to be aware of the payment and AEAT TGSS and certificate of disability. To perform queries there are two methods: Through web form , en la que el funcionario completa los campos indicados y realiza la petición, mostrando por pantalla el resultado de la consulta. Y Mass petitions . The official prepares a spreadsheet with the fields defined as indicated with the information you want to consult/Verify, climb to the application and processed the batch. The result is a file with the responses of the platform.
    • Admin: aplicación web de configuración y administración del sistema.Para poder utilizar la aplicación hacen falta una serie de requisitos:
      – Dar de alta en la Plataforma de Intermediación el/los procedimiento(s) que van a utilizar el servicio, así como el certificado de la Administración.
      – public employee: Discharged into SIU and PAU and have assigned as working procedure any of those who are enabled on the platform of intermediation.
      – connected to the network Sara

    Technical Description

    For the design of the system architecture EPS have continued design patterns are most widespread architectures J2EE in different layers. The layers of the application are:

    • Layer of Presentation: to interact with the user and presenting information. to this layer has chosen the framework Struts2 which implements the widespread pattern of design MVC or Modelo-Vista-Controlador. Still:
    • View: JSP's
    • Model: different Actions defined
    • Driver: Dispatcher provided by the framework Struts2
    • Negocio-Servicios layer: for the business layer uses the framework of Spring to inject dependencies. For the generation of web services that include functionalities outward EPS CXF is used.
    • Layer of access to Data: for managing the layer of data uses the framework Hibernate with the use of the pattern of DAO design.

    External components that interacts with the are:

    • Platform of Electronic Signature (ASF)
    • System of identification of users (SIU)
    • Platform for authorization of users (PAU)
    • The interface MHAP

    La aplicación se ha desarrollado conforme a las características técnicas de los entornos donde reside que son las siguientes:

    • Sun Solaris systems
    • Application server Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3
    • Servidor de base de datos Oracle Database 10g Release 2 RAC
    • Driver thin JDBC de conexión a base de datos: Oracle JDBC Driver 10.1.0

    EPS requires the java virtual machine on which runs the application server is jdk1.5.0 _ 22 with J2EE v1.4, JSP 2.0 and Servlet 2.4. In particular has been deployed EPS and tested with jdk1.5.0 _ 22 on Oracle Application Server and the database Oracle.
    For more information please consult:

    • Manual of exploitation
    • Installation Manual
    • User Manual


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