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Integrated Personnel Management System

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    FAQ (Abre en nova xanela) , Solicitude de alta e roles en SIGP (Abre en nova xanela) , Acceso a manuais do solicitante (Abre en nova xanela) , Acceso a manuais do xestor (Abre en nova xanela) , Acceso a manuais de instalación (Abre en nova xanela)
    This integrated system serves a variety of personnel management procedures, including electronic documents, dixital signature and electronic traffic of files between actors or axencies. It features a portal for communication with users (HR employees, HR unit managers). Developed out of an ERP, it features a single database replicating the Central Staff Registry (RCP) every 24 hours and providing single sets of data to all encaixado applications.
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    Xeneral State Administration
    Network service for end-users
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    Infrastructure or common service
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    Human resources management
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    Government and public sector
    Not applicable
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