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PAe - CTT - Additional Information - validation tool SICRES-Tester
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SICRES-Tester validation tool

  • Functional description

    The application SICRES-Tester allows:

    • Validation of the SICRES-Tester tool are syntactic semantic and the message exchanged.
    • Includes pre-test cases of reception and issuing the battery of tests of the certification of MINHAFP corresponding to the adaptation of the application to SICRES 3.0. The tool provides versatility in the maintenance of these sets of evidence, which can be modified by MINHAFP administrators.
    • Allows the testing of applications that do not have developed its interfaces of communication with the CIR component.
    • Generation of reports for the certification stage.
    • Easily configurable for adaptation to the system to prove, being a desktop application Java Website Start, and therefore multiplatform.

    Technical Description

    The minimum technical requirements of the system to install and proceed to the application start up SICRES-Tester are as follows:

    • Operating system with graphical interface.
    • JRE 1.6 or higher installed.
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