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Administrative of Procedures Catalogue

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    The SICAC is the inventory of both external and internal administrative proceedings, which is managed by the public administration of our autonomous community. It has a unique computer application as support for its management.

    It collects the basic information of each administrative action (deadline for submission, documentation to submit, resolution body, applicable regulations, resources ...) in order to facilitate its knowledge by the citizenship and intends to continue progressing in the bjectives that had marked the Catalog of Procedures
    Administratives as a centralized single repository of all the relevant information of the
    administrative procedures, at the same time contributing to the simplification and modernization of ourPublic administration.
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    Tokiko Entities, Edozein Public Administration
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    Good Practice
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    Standardization and regulation. Human resources management
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    Government and public sector
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    Offer citizens, by electronic means, in a simple and clear manner, the information they need to interact with the Administration in the exercise of their rights and compliance with their obligations.

    Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal management of the Administration by having an inventory of all the performances and to be able to accede, quickly and easily, to the basic information of all the performances
    that our Autonomous Community processes.