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    Sentilo is an open source platform, sensors and actuators, designed to fit in the architecture of Smart City of any city that look for opening and easy interoperability. Has sifo built and is used and supported by an active community and diverse cities and companies that believe using open standards and free software is the first intelligent decision that a smart city should take.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Barcelona City Council
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    Open source application
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    Management systems and services
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    Government and the public Sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Sentilo is a component of architecture that isolates applications developed to exploit the information generated by the city and the layer of sensors deployed by the city to collect and deliver this information.

    The municipality of Barcelona through the computer Municipal Institute (IMI) began in November 2012 a project designed to define the strategy and the necessary actions to ensure that Barcelona, be positioned as a global reference of the Smart Cities. Sentilo sensor is an open code and a platform that is designed to fit into the architecture Smart City of any city you want freedom and interoperability.

    Is built, used and promoted by a community mark and diverse cities and companies who believe that the use of open standards and free software is an intelligent decision which should take all the Smart Cities. to avoid vertical solutions, Sentilo develops as a cross-platform with the aim of sharing information between heterogeneous systems and to easily integrate applications.

    With Sentilo provides:

    • Un front end para procesar mensajes con un REST API simple
    • A management console to configure the system and manage the catalog
    • A database of memory with the objective of achieving a high performance
    • A database no-SQL system which allows for a flexible and scalable
    • A universal viewer, which are provided as a public demo which can be used as a starting point for specific business viewers
    • A basic module of statistics showing core performance indicators of platadorma
    • A component architecture extensible that allows the improvement funcionaliudades without changing the central system.
    • Sentilo empieza con un set inicial de agentes: uno para exportar datos a Bases de datos relacionales y otro para procesar alarmas internas basadas en reglas básicas.


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