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Common services Handled Electronically

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    Enable simplification and optimization of administrative processing and progress of the E-government in the community of Madrid.
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    Network service insertable in customer applications

    Nicolás López-manzanares Beltrán
    Tel: 915800376/
    Head Def. Area of integrated solutions (ICM)

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    Good Practice
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    Standardisation and regulation
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    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    With the development of the two phases of Plan Estratégico para la Simplificación de la Gestión Administrativa, PESGA I 2001-03 y PESGA II 2005-07, y el Plan de AE 2009-11, se sientan las bases para la implementación de la AE en la Comunidad de Madrid , allowing people interact with the AAPP multichannel manner. Durante 2005-07 se inicia la construcción de servicios de soporte para posibilitar la tramitación electrónica. Además, la entrada en vigor de la Ley 11/2007 dio el último empujón necesario para que la Comunidad de Madrid definiera el Plan de AE en el que se adecúa y optimiza la relación de Servicios Comunes de Tramitación Electrónica .


    • Enable simplification and optimization of administrative processing and progress of electronic administration in the community of Madrid.
    • Offer a set of basic elements that form a transversal horizontal services platform to support the electronic processing of procedures and services by electronic means .
    • Help creating a solid relationship based on trust, security and professionalism between citizens and public administration.
    • Cumplir los requisitos derivados de la entrada en vigor de la Ley 11/2007.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • The solutions of electronic signature are problematic to introduce in the end customer , y han constituido un verdadero reto para la iniciativa de implantación de los Servicios Comunes de Tramitación Electrónica.
    • Within the key aspects highlighting for the implantation dispose of solutions of electronic signature and verifying signature, and platforms and payment gateways .
    • Similarly, for the implementation of the SCTEs some have been analysed solutions developed in other autonomous communities to know their operational and functionalities, as in the case of Portafirmas.

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