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Replacement of certificates on paper

  • Short Name:
    Replacement of certificates on paper is a set of specifications aimed at the exchange of data between Administrations with the objective of eliminating administrative certificates on paper, avoiding the citizen submit to the documentation AA.PP already is held by the same, replaced by an exchange of data between administrations that is done electronically, standardized and quickly and with total legal guarantee
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user
    Installable product

    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID):

    To communicate an incidence or support request to the center of attention to Integrators and developers (CAID) fill the Web form of opening of applications for technical support (Opens in new window) .

    Business hours from Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 18:30 and Friday 08:30 15:00, free of charge to the public administrations (developers, Integrators and heads of agencies).


    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service, Implementation
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, semantic Assets
    Subtype of data model:
    Information structure (semantic Standard)
    Functional Area:
    Personal documents, government and the public Sector
    Programming language:


    History of the project SCSP

    During the year 2003 was formed a working group coordinated by the ministry of Public Administrations (2018 - current finance ministry and Public Function) with the object to define and specify the mechanism of information exchange between AAPP for the elimination of Administrative Certificates on paper.

    En este proyecto colaboraron las siguientes administraciones y organismos públicos: Agencia Española de Administración Tributaria, Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS), Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social, Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales y Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación dando como resultado la publicación de los servicios de Estar al corriente de Obligaciones Tributarias (AEAT) y de Deuda con la Seguridad Social (TGSS) como emisores.

    In 2004 were the first versions of the specification resulting in 2005 the first stable version called SCSPv2. Similarly, it work from the Ministry of Public Administrations in some bookstores (J2EE and .NET) compatible with the standard for which may be used by all the Spanish public administrations in exchange of administrative certificates.

    In the year 2009 was the need to expand the specifications for interoperability with Interoperability nodes (AAPP intermediaries or “ brokers ”) giving rise to version SCSPv3 (since the year 2012 remains the latest stable version and there is no short-term prediction of modify). this is also used to modify the information exchanged and recorded in the data transmissions.

    Technical specifications

    Roles or participants

    • Author: Will Be any organization that possesses data relating to citizens who may need other available in the area of the exercise of their competences; is responsible for the same as the Organic Law 15/1999 (Opens in new window) , de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal y los ofrecerá a posibles Cesionarios a través de un Emisor.
    • Issuer: Is the public agency that offers the service or transmission of data. (Server), which facilitates the assignment of data from a technological point of view. Normally coincide with the assignor but not always.
    • Assignee: any organisation authorised to consult certain data of citizens in an Assignor.
    • : Requesting Agency that facilitates the consultation of data from a technological point of view to an assignee.
    • Plataforma de Intermediación del MHAP: nodo de interoperabilidad que prestará funcionalidades comunes para el intercambio de información entre Emisores y Requirentes según el Royal Decree 4/2010 of 8 January.


    The specification SCSP defines a set of messages, defined by their corresponding XSD schemes

    • El envío de peticiones y respuestas se realiza mediante servicios Web.
    • The format of the data transmissions is XML.
    • The system allows the petición-respuesta synchronous is asynchronous or.
    • Los mensajes van firmados con XML Dsig (SCSPv2) o WS-Security (SCSPv3).

    General messages: Are common to all services and are composed of the following messages.

    • Request (peticion.xsd) with namespace
    • Confirmation (confirmacionPeticion.xsd) with namespace
    • Request for a response (solicitudRespuesta.xsd) with namespace
    • Reply (respuesta.xsd) with namespace
    • Soap Fault Attributes (soapfaultatributos.xsd) with namespace

    Mensajes Específicos: Depende de cada certificado administrativo o transmisión de datos. Lo define el organismo emisor.

    • With Specific Data namespace

    SCSPv2 (to eliminate by update to version 3)

    SCSPv2 define las siguientes características para las transmisiones de datos que se realicen entre administraciones:

    • There are two documents (request and response) with two parts; the first Generic Data, where information is transferred common to all certificates on paper that are replaced, as on the requesting agency, the agency issuer, interested to which they relate data, and the relative to their own transmission. In the second part of specific data, each agency defines the fields that transmits depending on the type of certificate in that role is being replaced. These specific data should also be in XML format, but it is the duty of each agency issuer publish the schema XSD indicating the structure of the same. There are also two other documents XML “ confirmation request ” and “ Request response ” used when the request is done in asynchronous mode, to indicate that the request is received correctly and to request the answer elapsed the estimated time of Response indicated by the issuer respectively.
    • The protocol used for communication is SOAP on https.
    • The communications infrastructure on which supports all the services of replacement of certificates on paper is the network SARA.
    • Para asegurar la autenticación, confidencialidad e integridad de la información transmitida se emplea el protocolo SSL, exigiendo identificación a ambos extremos mediante certificado electrónico reconocido.
    • La integridad de los datos y el no repudio se garantiza firmando tanto las peticiones como las respuestas emitidas en el sistema. La firma se transmite en la cabecera SOAP del mensaje, utilizando la codificación XMLdSig.
    • For the conservation of information, each agency issuer must store transmissions issued during the time established in the applicable legislation. Proposes a system and storage schema common to all agencies issuers and another common to all agencies requesting (including in bookstores).


    La versión SCSPv3 incorpora las siguientes novedades: Debido a la desaparición del Ministerio de Administraciones Públicas, y con el objetivo de obtener un lugar de referencia para poder ubicar los esquemas de SCSP, se ha sustituido el espacio de nombres por para hacerlos independientes de la nomenclatura de los organismos que los usan, e indicar que la versión soportada es adecuada para la intermediación.

    Introduce nuevos campos en el esquema (Datos Genéricos) asociados al “Solicitante” de la información, que se habían identificado como necesarios en el uso de la versión 2.

    • Tramitadora unit: unity within the Applicant Body by the application.
    • Procedure
      • CodProcedimiento: Code of the Agency procedure tramitador
      • NombreProcedimiento: name unambiguous procedure tramitador Agency.
    • IdExpediente: the identifier of the file in the organism tramitador.
    It has changed the schemes versioned from V2 to v3.

    For reasons of interoperability with current standards more modern, has been chosen to replace the signature mechanism based on pure XML-SIG, for the specified within the family WS-Security. Model of the signature more standardized and implemented by the different platforms SOA.

    Incorporates the possibility of encrypted in replies in situations that the issuer it deems necessary for reasons of confidentiality of information exchange. By default, the encryption will always in the answer, though for needs of the service could be applied to any messages exchanged, and will be encrypted exclusively that specially sensitive information you want to protect. Generally be encrypted the content of the nodoen petitions with a single transmission and the node Transmissions whenever a multipetición (only in asynchronous mode). The use of encryption has joined because while SCSPv2 communication between agencies was emitting requesting and point-to-point and SSL confidentiality is guaranteed, SCSPv3 is oriented towards intermediated services, although not exclusively to them, in which a third party could see the information in the event that this is not encrypted.

    Additionally it has included an optional attribute in the fields:


    • Specific data in all cases.
    • Transmissions in the case of Answers
    • Applications in the case of petitions

    Bookstores SCSP

    SCSPv3 libraries are a specific software developed by the Direction of information technologies and communication belonging to Finance ministry and public administrations can be integrated in applications of backoffice of various government agencies and consult the data provided by issuers that meet the specifications SCSP SCSP .

    The latest version of bookshops SCSP is the 4.6.0 (portfolio SCSP 4.6.0 for J2EE) and 3.4.0 (portfolio SCSP 3.0 for .NET).

    Complementariamente a las librerías se suministra en la versión J2EE una aplicación web completa que permite a cualquier organismo consultar los certificados SCSP disponibles sin necesidad de desarrollar nada, con las siguientes funcionalidades:

    • Detailed Control of users and authorizations
    • Detailed Control procedures and matrix agency authorization of agency users
    • Batch Isochronous transmissions through use of templates excel adapted to each certificate
    • Export the results of the
    • Objención vouchers PDFs of transmissions made

    There is also an application that allows the use of the libraries J2EE by other applications/technologies through use of web services simplified (_ WS SCSP coating) for example PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET etc.

    Roles of bookshops SCSPv3

    Requesting and supports emitters

    Requesting a Common Functionalities and issuers

    • Composing Messages SCSPvX (v2/v3 according to the required certificate)
    • Signature of messages SCSP (or XMLDsig WS-Security)
    • Encrypting messages SCSP (if applicable)
    • Historical storage of messages and transmissions
    • Sending the request to the Endpoint of each service
    • Reception of messages SCSP and validation of the same
    • XSD Schema Validation
    • Validation of the digital signature and the certificate with the signed
    • Decryption SCSP if applicable (e.g. responses and AEAT TGSS through the intermediary Platform)
    • Acceleration mechanism requests (cache of validation of electronic certificates with @firma)

    Functionality of the Issuer

    • Authentication and authorization Requesting/Assigns Agencies
    • Communication with the BackOffice

    Requirements of operation

    • Operating system Operating Systems: Windows and Linux/Unix. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server2008, Linux (Red hat, Debian, Guadalinex, Ubuntu, etc), MacOS X 10.5 and Sun Solaris/OpenSolaris 10.
    • Web browser : Chrome, Firefox 2.0.20 o superior, Internet Explorer 5.5 o superior.
    • JRE 1.6 or higher.
    • Databases : Oracle 10g, 11g y 12c, SQLserver 2012 y 2014, Mysql 5 o superior, Postgresql 9 o superior.
    • Application servers : Tomcat 6.0.29 o superior, JBOSS 7.0.x (versión recomendada, a evaluar según las distintas versiones) , WebLogic 10.x y 12.x, WebSphere Para otros servidores de aplicación y versiones se puede evaluar por parte del equipo de desarrollo.
    • Recognized X509 certificates Is needed: connection with the platform @firma and use certificates recognized by this platform. to use bookstores recommends a certificate of seal of body as stated in Law 39/2015 (Opens in new window) the administrative procedure, common public administrations. In the case of using the thin client will require a server certificate.

    Available using SCSP certificates

    Currently, are available the following certificates:

    Through the intermediary Platform MINHAP:

    • Police headquarters (DGP) -- data verification of identity
    • Police headquarters (DGP) -- Consultation of identity data
    • Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) – Consulta de datos de Conductores
    • General Direction of traffic (DGT) – Consultation vehicle data
    • Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) -- Verificación de datos de Residencia
    • National statistical institute (INE) -- Data Extended residence
    • National statistical institute (INE) -- Consultation of data of residence with date of Last Padronal variation
    • Public employment service State (SPEE-INEM) -- current situation of unemployment
    • Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SPEE-INEM) -- Importes de prestación de desempleo percibidos a fecha actual
    • Public employment service State (SPEE-INEM) -- amounts of unemployment benefit earned in a period
    • Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SPEE-INEM) -- Estar inscrito como demandante de empleo a fecha actual
    • Public employment service State (SPEE-INEM) -- Be registered as a jobseeker to specific date
    • Education ministry -- Non-University Degrees (Consultation by documentation, data and verification)
    • Education ministry -- University Degrees (Consultation by documentation, data and verification)
    • General Direction of cadastre -- Cadastral Data
    • Overall Direction cadastre title certificate --
    • General Direction of cadastre -- consultation of Real Property
    • General Direction of cadastre -- obtaining descriptive and Chart
    • General Direction of cadastre -- obtaining CVS Document
    • Ministry of Finance and Public Function (MINHAFP) – communication
      Change of address
    • Ministry of Finance and Public Function (MINHAFP) – data query Legal residence
    • Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública (MINHAFP) – Consulta de Estar Inscrito en el Registro Central de Personal
    • Ministry of Finance and Public Function (MINHAFP) – Consultation of data from the Central registration Detailed Staff (Authenticates)
    • Intervención General del Estado (IGAE-MINHAFP) – Consulta de Inhabilitaciones, concesiones y concesiones por la regla MINIMIS (BDNS)
    • Overall direction of Management of the game (DGOJ-MINHAFP) – download completed, partially or since the last download the General Interdictions of access to the Game (RGIAJ)
    • Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ-MINHAFP) – Registro de Alta, Baja o modificación en el Registro General de Interdicciones de Acceso al Juego (RGIAJ)
    • Foreign ministry and cooperation (MAEC) - Consultation of signatures for Diplomatic Legalization Foreign Public documents
    • General council of Notaries - Consultation of subsistence power of attorney
    • Consejo General del Notariado - Consulta de Copia Simple de Poderes Notariales
    • General council of Notaries - consultation of notaries and Notaries
    • General council of Notaries - Consultation of subsistence of administrators of a society
    • Overall mutuality Civil Servants of the state (MUFACE-MINHAFP) - certificate and Consultation affiliation data
    • Mutualidad General de Funcionarios Civiles del Estado (MUFACE-MINHAFP) - Certificado Individual y Consulta de Datos de Abonos de Servicios
    • Overall mutuality Civil Servants of the state (MUFACE-MINHAFP) - certificate and data query payment benefits Single
    • General treasury of Social security (TGSS) -- flow of payment with the SS
    • Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS) -- Alta en la Seguridad Social
    • Older institute and social services (IMSERSO) -- Consultation of degree and level of dependency
    • National Institute of Social security (INSS) -- Consultation of benefits of registration of social benefits public, Temporary Incapacity and maternity
    • National Institute of Social security (INSS) -- Consultation of the historic of benefits of registration of social benefits public, Temporary Incapacity and maternity
    • Justice ministry -- Consultation of birth
    • Justice ministry -- Consultation of marriage
    • Justice ministry -- Consultation of death
    • Ministerio de Justicia -- Consulta (por documentación y datos de filiación) de inexistencia de antecedentes penales
    • Justice ministry -- Consultation (for documentation and data of filiation) lack of criminal record of sexual offences
    • Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones -- Consulta de entidades aseguradoras y reaseguradoras
    • Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones -- Consulta de mediadores de seguros y corredores de reaseguros
    • Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones -- Consulta de planes y fondos de pensiones
    • Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones -- Consulta de datos de solvencia requeridos para participar en concursos públicos
    • - Cervantes institute certificate qualifications for consultation tests Constitutional knowledge in applications for Spanish Nationality
    • Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas (CRUE) - Datos de Matrículas Universitarias
    • Autonomous Communities - flow of payment for aid and contracting.
    • Autonomous Communities - certificates of Large Family and disability
    • Autonomous Communities - operating permits Shellfish
    • Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT) -- Estar al Corriente de Pago de obligaciones tributarias para:
    • The staff AAPP
    • Licensing of transport
    • Application of aids and subventions
    • Processing of residence and work permits for foreigners
    • Tax service Economic Activities (IAE) Navarrese government -- set of headings of economic activities in which is registered a taxpayer or headline in a given year.
    • Tax service Economic Activities (IAE) government of the Basque Country -- set of headings of economic activities in which is registered a taxpayer or headline in a given year.

    Directly by the State Agency for tax administration:

    • Certificate of the income (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
    • Fiscal Address
    • Economic activities tax (IAE)
    • Current Accounts
    • NIF validation of a Major
    • Free Public Pensions

    Advantages and benefits of project SCSP

    For the citizen:

    • Evitar desplazamientos y que el interesado actué como “funcionario”, moviendo documentación de una ventanilla a otra de la Administración
    • Ejerce su derecho a no aportar documentación que ya obra en poder de la administración
    • Cost saving and time by not having to obtain certificates in paper or in electronic format
    • Mayor agilidad de resolución de los trámites al no tener que esperar por datos que la administración puede obtener en el momento. trámites

    For the administrations:

    • Possibility to make electronic processing complete
    • Cost saving in the administration by not having to store or handle roles
    • Save time, to avoid handwritten signatures and the presence of staff
    • Gives a simple and effective service to citizens
    • Improve the image to the citizens


    The project of libraries SCSP is an initiative aligned with the Law 39/2015 (Opens in new window) , del Procedimiento Administrativo Común de las Administraciones Públicas y la Law 40/2015 (Opens in new window) , the legal regime of the public Sector, which favours the reuse of applications and technology transfer.

    Any Public Administration can access bookshops through the program PAE (E-government Portal) (Opens in new window) .


    12 August 2016

    Brokerage platform data services exceeds 70 Unshade accordion

    During the first half of 2016 has been exceeded 70 services available on the platform of intermediation of data.

    Highlight the influx of services of the institute Cervantes to consult the ability of asylum nationality, AEAT, keep abreast of Tax Liabilities for Recruitment with the public sector with generic defaults, without specific purpose, consultation of Fellow status of the ministry of education or consultation Shellfish operating permits Galicia currently offers and hope to extend to all the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS with coast.

    Deserve special mention consultation services file Financial Titles, both by Intervening as Product. This file is the responsibility of the Secretariat of State of Economy and Support for the company, and will be the SEPBLAC (well Executive Service of Prevention of money laundering and offences monetary) the person responsible for processing. Services are in production since 5 May 2016.

    The Financial Titles file was implemented security measures of high level in application of the rules of protection of personal data. Will have access investigating judges, prosecutors, forces and the Security of the state, the CNI and AEAT. Have also been in preproduction services consultation DGT data of drivers, vehicle and documents of a vehicle. The entry into production will be the first fortnight of September.

    Les recordamos que for support requests through the center of attention to Integrators and developers (CAID) of MINHAP should use the url: https ://

    For more information, use the Portal - PAE E-government


    03 June 2015

    New version of bookshops SCSP .NET v3.4.0 Unshade accordion

    New version of bookshops SCSP .NET v3.4.0. In this new version also are updated products from Administrator, Issuer and coating as well as the version of nhibernate used by bookshops. It is also available documentation and scripts related.

    Entre las novedades de este portfolio se incluyen los siguientes cambios:

    *) V3.4.0: Libraries
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    - Are updated bookstores version NHibernate to version it affects all applications associated with bookshops.
    - The creation of the PDFs pass to be generated using iTextSharp bookshops. it affects all applications associated with bookshops.
    - Adding tables ws _ user and ws _ user _ service to configure the security of requesting for each Coating.
    - Creación índice NON Clustered en SQLServer para tabla core_transmision sobre el campo idpeticion.
    - Bugfixing.

    *) V1.6.0: Manager Application
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    - Adds the possibility of establishing and managing the security of SCSP Coating.
    Modify the - DG version of safe and Notaries.
    - Change of NIF to identify and DGP INE emitters
    - In the verification of services in production environment connectivities only check, does not send requests.
    - In the verification of services in preproduction environment procedure is sent as template.
    - Are modified and add new services of AEAT:
    or keep abreast of payment of tax obligations with an indication of defaults: ECOT101I, ECOT102I, ECOT103I, ECOT104I
    or NIVRENTI: Intermediate Income Level
    or IAE10: Imposed Economic activities of Ten Headings
    certificate or AEATIR01: Income
    or VALNIF: Validation NIFs
    or DOMFISC: Fiscal Address
    or AEATPPE: Free Public Pensions
    - Se eliminan los servicios del SEPE correspondientes a la versión 2 y se añaden nuevos servicios versión 3:
    or SVDSEPESITWS02: Unemployment situation
    or SVDSEPEIACTWS02: Amounts of Unemployment benefits Paid to Current Date
    o SVDSEPEIPERWS02: Importes de Prestaciones de Desempleo Percibidas en un Periodo
    - Adding new education services 3: version
    or consultation of university degrees by Documentation
    or query Non-University degrees by documentation
    or consultation of university degrees by data
    or query Non-University degrees for data
    - Add new services cadastral 3: version
    or query cadastral V3
    title or certification cadastral V3
    descriptive and or certification graphical an immovable V3
    or consultation of Real Property V3
    or obtaining documents by CSV V3
    - Add new services of DGP 3: version
    or consultation of identity data V3
    or verification of identity data V3
    - Add new services of Autonomous Communities:
    disability or Query
    Query or large family
    or query abreast with the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS
    - Add new services of MUFACE:
    or service of Certificate of fertilizers
    or service of Certificate affiliations
    or service of Certificate of benefits

    *) Implementation Issuer v2.2.0:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    *) V1.3.0: Coating Application
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    - Possibility to check security in UsernameToken message header.
    - Modification SoapAction values.

    You see the page where is posted all documentation: (Opens in new window) , remember that to view and download
    This, it is necessary to access the portal for the network Sara and be registered (with Administration profile).
    For any question or query can address the spotlight integrators and Developers (CAID) of MINHAP in creation of support requests: https :// (Opens in new window)

    08 April 2015

    Launch of the Customer SCSPv3 Cloud Unshade accordion

    The AAPP less than 50000 habitatantes can already available data from the brokerage platform of data through the use of client slight SCSPv3, in its mode of Cloud.

    Within the process of improving Interface de datos, y de las facilidades para consumir sus servicios, desde el Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas se ha puesto a disposición de las AAPP de menos de 50.000 habitantes, el Cliente SCSPv3 Cloud, que se presta en modo servicio, sobre todo a Entidades Locales y diputaciones.

    This client will, without installing any software, that all local entities that have scarce resources can consult the verification services and consulting data from the brokerage platform.

    The municipality of olives (Canary Islands) was the first town hall in using the application CLOUD SCSPv3 of MINHAP. The municipality of Raven of seville has also been incorporated. Equally is collaborating with the federation of Canarian municipalities to incorporate all municipalities canaries.

    More information about the solution of the Interface . En el Área de Descargas en la carpeta "Formularios y Procedimientos de Autorización" puede encontrar los Formularios de autorización para Ayuntamientos de menos de 50.000 habitantes.

    Any doubt or problem will be attended by the focus integrators and Developers (CAID) of MINHAP through the URL https ://

    16 April 2014

    New Portfolio SCSP J2EE v1.0 Unshade accordion

    SCSP Logo


    Se ha publicado el nuevo Portfolio SCSP J2EE v1.0 en el que se incluyen nuevas versiones de la Aplicación de Administración, Cliente Ligero, Emisor y Librerías SCSP, que incluyen mejoras y nuevas funcionalidades.

    Among the new features is the possibility that the thin client is multiorganismo, offering the possibility of several agencies can consult to using the same SCSP Thin clients.

    Se ha publicado también toda la documentación y software necesario para migrar desde versiones anteriores de las aplicaciones: manuales de actualización, scripts de base de datos etc.

    Both the software as documentation are in the Area of downloads and to be able to download it must authenticate.

    More information in

    For the support request: https :// idServicio = 2



    The team of MINHAP ( The Portal E-government )

    15 October 2013

    Patch publication J2EE 3.3.0 Version Unshade accordion

    It has published the patch Core SCSP J2EE 3.3.0.

    Este parche solventa un problema al recuperar peticiones asíncronas pendientes de procesar, filtradas por un funcionario.

    Este problema solo ocurre cuando se utiliza el Gestor de Base de Datos SQLServer. MySQL, Postgre SQL y Oracle, no se ven afectados.

    29 July 2013

    New version of the portfolio of solutions SCSPv3 Unshade accordion

    It has released a new version of the portfolio of solutions SCSPv3.

    The new release includes many new features.

    At the level of Bookshops SCSPv3, schemes are added for new services incorporated in the brokerage platform for the services of Civil Registers, birth, death, and marriage, DG of insurance, as Solvency.

    At the level of SCSP WS Coating, adds the possibility of consulting services without sending documentation and the type of documentation of the holder.

    A nivel de Emisores SCSPv3, se añade la posibilidad de recibir peticiones sin la documentación y tipo de documentación del titular.

    En el Cliente Ligero SCSPv3 se incluye la posibilidad de consultar por todos los servicios indicados anteriormente, así como los nuevos que se vayan desarrollando se irán incluyendo. Este cliente, se ha mejorado, implementándolo con tecnología JSF que mejora la usabilidad de la aplicación, y ofrece nuevas mejoras técnicas, como la consulta automatizada síncrona y asíncrona, consulta y gestión de peticiones realizadas previamente, etc.

    Todas las nuevas modificaciones que se realicen de la aplicación Cliente Ligero se realizarán sobre esta última versión, por lo que se ruega encarecidamente a los usuarios del cliente ligero anterior a la 3.3.0, que procedan a planificar la migración de sus aplicativos, poniéndose en contacto con el Centro de Atención a Integradores y Desarrolladores (CAID) del MINHAP.

    Version 3.2.X does not allow consultation services of Civil Records among others.

    Schedule of support of previous versions will be until 31 December 2013, not including new functionalities but only supports occurrences.

    21 March 2013

    Incremento del uso de la Plataforma de Intermediación de Datos en 2012 Unshade accordion

    El uso de la Plataforma de Intermediación de Datos durante el pasado año 2012 aumenta un 32,36% respecto a 2011, con un incremento del
    the citizen generated savings compared with the same period of 25,30%

    In 2012, the platform brokerage of data has done more than 22.6 million valid data transmissions.
    There are in production 107 agencies and 143 applications.

    Provides more than 29 synchronous services and 25 asynchronous of 13 different assignors.

    The most significant data of the project are:
    Number of information providers (assignors): 13 if it includes change of address
    Number of data transmissions: 22.6 million
    Estimated saving the citizen: 51 billion Euros
    Number of Services: 54 (29 25 and synchronous Asynchronous)
    Increase of data TX 2011-2012: 32,36%
    Increase of saving in the last year: 25,30%

    For more information on the Platform data brokering (Opens in new window)

    09 August 2012

    New service: consultation of social benefits Public. Unshade accordion

    The INSS, through the intermediary Platform, puts at the disposal of all public bodies consultation service benefits of registration of Social Benefits and the Public temporary incapacity and maternity.

    The service is currently available in the preproduction environment, and is expected to be available in production throughout the month of September.

    Para más información, consulte el catálogo de servicios en el área de descargas o la documentación de los servicios.

    06 July 2012

    CAID forms Unshade accordion

    On 5 July has been updated version of WEB form of technical support request to CAID.

    Provides access to the same since the portal PAe-CTT through a link located in the section Related Links of the pages of common services and general information for each of the services to which supports the CAID. It can also be accessed through the link https ://

    Key developments:

    • Se incluye un alta previa de usuario en el sistema, con el fin de facilitar la creación de peticiones posteriores.
    • You can provide additional information to a case already opened directly through the form, with the ticket number, without sending email.
    • In the form's page with a link to the user manual to request technical support.
    05 March 2012

    Bookstores SCSP 3.2.1 Unshade accordion

    Version 3.2.1 bookstores has already been released and is available for download. Incorporates many developments with regard to previous versions, which include the following:

    - Adds the option to generate a receipt PDF signed with data from the answer in requests performed.
    - Now, it is possible to consult the requests made by a user of the thin clients. Also, It allows the recovery of a request made through its idpetición.
    - Adds the possibility of sending requests Isochronous in the thin client through a template excel, allowing you sending 500 petitions by batch.
    - Is updated in rental service, from the V2 to V3.
    - Are settled problems of intersection in coating.

    05 March 2012

    The prize interface Unshade accordion

    Brokerage Platform gets the prize for the project leader in interoperability and/or security in the Central administration in the second edition of CNIS 2012 held on 22 and 23 February

    One more year proceeded to delivery of prizes CNIS to best practices in marked within EENN both in public administration and as private. Eight different categories and nine winners put the perfect end to a new edition of CNIS that exceeded all expectations with more than 500 attendees.

    The prize for the project leader in interoperability and/or security in the Central administration was for the
    INTERMEDIACIÓN PLATFORM: VERIFICACIÓN AND CONSULTATION OF DATA from the finance ministry and Public administrations.

    Toda la información referente al congreso se puede consultar en


    All information regarding the brokering Platform can find it in the URL

    11 January 2012

    New version of Bookshops SCSP for JAVA (version 3.2.1) Unshade accordion

    Se ha liberado la versión 3.2.1 de las Librerías de SCSP para JAVA. La documentación y software de estas librerías para JAVA ya están disponibles en este portal accediendo a la siguiente URL y entrando en el Área de Descargas como usuario registrado con perfil de administración.

    20 September 2011

    Nueva versión de Librerías SCSP para JAVA y .NET (versión 3.2.0) Unshade accordion

    Se ha liberado la versión 3.2.0 de las Librerías de SCSP tanto para JAVA como para . NET. La documentación y software de estas librerías para JAVA ya están disponibles en este portal accediendo a la siguiente URL y entrando en el Área de Descargas como usuario registrado con perfil de administración.

    06 May 2011

    New versions of Wizard 3.1.4 for Linux and Windows. Unshade accordion

    SCSP cuenta con nuevas versiones de Wizard tanto para Linux como para Windows, si desea descargar alguna de estas versiones contácte con el buzón de soporte sustitución de certificado en soporte papel.

    04 March 2011

    Web Form of technical support request to CAID Unshade accordion

    El 4 de marzo se pone en producción un nuevo canal para la apertura de incidencias con el Centro de Atención a Integradores y Desarrolladores (CAID). A los canales habituales de correo electrónico y teléfono se une el del formulario WEB de solicitud de soporte técnico, al que se accede desde el portal PAe_CTT mediante un enlace ubicado en el párrafo de Contacto que aparece en la pestaña de información General del servicio.

    Este formulario contiene los datos necesarios para abrir una solicitud de soporte: Nombre del organismo, Persona de Contacto (Nombre, Apellidos, teléfono y dirección de correo), Entorno afectado, Campo de texto en el que describir los requerimientos del Usuario y tres campos más que permiten anexar ficheros con información complementaria como ACL’s, Log’s, etc… La solicitud se procesa cuando se pulsa el botón “Enviar por correo electrónico”. 

    10 January 2011

    The bet for TGSS interface Unshade accordion


    La TGSS apuesta por la Plataforma de Intermediación a la hora de prestar los servicios de Información de Deuda pendiente y Alta en fecha concreta.


    21 April 2010

    Installer Bookstores SCSP V3.0 Unshade accordion

    Application whose main objective is to facilitate the user installation of bookshops SCSP in its version 3.0 through a graphical interface. Furthermore include features that will help the user to deploy the application generated as well as perform tests with the same. You have already available this installer Wizard in the Area of Downloads.

    17 February 2010

    Released version SCSPv3 Unshade accordion

    Version SCSPv3 incorporates the following developments:
    New namespace: instead of

    • Introduces new fields in the schema (Generic Data) associated with “ Applicant ” of the information that was identified as needed in the use of version 2.
    • Adopta como modelo de firma WS-Security (más estandarizado e implementado por las distintas plataformas SOA)
    • Includes the possibility of responses encryption requested by some agencies.
    20 November 2007

    New certificates in SCSP Unshade accordion

    SCSP account with the certificate of income as the new certificate in addition to the usual to keep abreast of payment of taxes and Social security contributions.


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