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Administrative content manager

  • Indicators:

    Effective implementation : Govern de les Illes Balears y 12 ayuntamientos de las islas.

    Functional description

    • Gestión de información administrativa: organigrama, procedimientos administrativos, normativa, fichas informativas y personal.
    • Segmentation of content by family, subjects, vital statistics, target audience, etc...
    • Content multiadministrativo support.
    • Ease of integration with external content managers.
    • Integration with the portal EUGO.
    • Indexing of content through Lucene.
    • Possibility of integration with platforms for automatic translation of content.
    • Multilingual support.
    • Usage statistics and audits of access.

    Technical Description

    Technological solution: J2EE architecture (JSP/Servlets + EJB).
    Database: compatible with Oracle and PostgreSQL.
    Application server: Jboss
    Other solutions techniques used: Lucene (browser), Axis (web services).

General access point
General access point