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Electronic General Registry

  • Indicators:
    • Since April 2010, there have been 221 electronic records . (Data to 19/11/2010)

    Functional description

    The initiative was to develop the Electronic General Registry, RGE, service through which any citizen, company, administration or organization can submit, every day of the year, during the clock, applications, written or communications, as well as attachments aimed at any body or public agency of the Canarian AAPP , salvo los documentos excluidos en el art. 4 de la orden de creación (Orden 8 de abril 2010).

    In this regard, the main stages followed for the implantation consisted of: development and consolidation of the computer system of storage and management of log entries into and out of the Canarian Government; integration of this computer system with the interoperability of the Canarian Government (PLATINUM); and the evolution of the computer system to adapt to the new requirement for their integration with the electronic headquarters Canarian government.

    From the point of view functional, the RGE admits standardized electronic documents for services, processes and procedures specified in the standard of creation of registration and, on the other hand, any request, written or communication different from the previous ones, addressed to any body or entity of the Canarian administration.

    From the point of view organizational , the RGE depends on the General Inspection of services and run by the Canarian Office information and Public Attention . Se integra con el sistema informático de registro de la AAPP de Canarias. El responsible for the safety the RGE is the Overall direction of telecommunications and New Technologies .

    From the point of view operation , para acceder y utilizar el RGE el interesado debe cumplir los siguientes requisitos: have a digital certificate accepted by the Canarian Government and comply with the technical requirements specified relating to browsers and tools needed for printing documents in PDF . It is important to highlight that the RGE is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Technical Description

    From the point of view technological, the solution that supports the RGE builds on :

    • J2EE technologies,
    • Logic of presentation in JSP,
    • Is integrated with the interoperability of the Canarian Government: service of signature, Repository of electronic documents and registration of entry/exit.
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