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Registration of Approving Officers

  • RoadMap:
    • Inclusion of the type of empowerment.
    • Adaptation to new ministerial order in draft.
    • Implementing procedures massive high qualified staff.

    Functional description

    • Management of approving officers
    • Management of allotments
    • Management of proceedings
    • Management of credentials

    Technical Description

    The application is developed under a Web environment with the following components:

        • Java JDK 1.6
        • Apache Tomcat 7
        • Oracle 11g
        • 1.2.7 Struts
        • Spring 2.5.6
        • 3.2.5 Hibernate
        • It has links with external systems include:
        • @Firma platform
        • The Central Register of Staff
        • Management information system (SIA)
        • Unique directory (DIR3)