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Automatic check AE requirements in the JCYL

  • Short Name:
    Requirements AE
    Tool developed by the administration of the Community of Castilla and Lion for your platform of E-government that automatically checks the user requirements to use Electronic Signature with certificate in Client (browser or cryptographic card)
    Target audience:
    Citizen any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Installable product

    Isabel Juana Valley
    Overall direction of Attention to the citizen, Quality and modernization
    983 415031

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen, support for the electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    J2EE, Web Services
    Operating system:


    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    To start the initiative, the administration of the Community of Castilla and Lion identified the need of an application, whereby, and independently of any administrative procedure, its citizens to be able to validate your equipment and browser to certify that can operate with electronic administration of the administration of the Community of Castilla and Lion.



    • Inform the minimum requirements that requires the client system for the proper functioning of the signature Applet @firma 5.
    • Automatically check the team client has these minimum requirements.
      • Supported operating systems
      • Web Browsers
      • Installation and support Java JRE limit versions
      • Installation Plug-In PDF for reading of documents
      • Installation of the software (Applet) from generation of signatures Client.
    • Centralize the distribution signature of the Applet @firma 5.
    • Comprobar su buen funcionamiento del software de generación de firma en el equipo destino ofreciendo una simulation of signature.
      • Verifies that can perform electronic signatures
      • Verifica que el certificado usado está en vigor: Ni Caducado, Ni Revocado


    The objectives of this project are:

    • Centralize the distribution of client Software Signature and its updates:
    • Facilitar el soporte e incidencias relacionadas con el Software de Cliente de Firma
    • Inform the recipients (Citizens) the minimum requirements that requires the client system for the proper functioning of the signature Applet @firma 5
    • Provide the user with an option to check if your computer fulfills these minimum requirements.
    • Ofrecer al usuario una opcion para que compruebe si su certificado digital es válido para interactuar con la Plataforma de Administración Electrónica.


    1. Facilitates enormente support and settling incidents.
    2. Allows to distribute the software from a single point.
    3. Allows to locate technical gaps of equipment End and actions that can do to fix it
    4. Allows you to check the Digital Certificate of the citizen.


    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation:

    The main challenge of requirements AE came in the origins of the project, where many doubts about the viability of the signature client @firma with browsers and versions of JRE. In response, the project was highly influenced by the quality of customer @firma detected a great leap of quality since version 2.x to the current one.
    A key aspect in the implementation and development of the initiative was to have a stable platform web development J2EE with different work environments, a solid team development and maintenance and have a real contact with end-users through the Room.



    18 March 2011

    Published version based on Client JCYLRequisitosAE @firma 3.1 with JNLP Unshade accordion

    The Amarok Development E-government of the board of Catillano and Lion just released a new version of your tool JCYLRequisitosAE based on the client @Firma 3.1 using its ability to remote deployment of Applets (JNPL). This update has been an essential is due to changes in the JVM 1.6.0 _ 24 load that do not allow Applets according to conventional way was doing so far.

    Include manuals of presentation of the service and user manual, both public access. If you are interested in more information please contact the administrator of the project.

    21 October 2010

    Lion Catillano and publishes audit of requirements AE Unshade accordion

    Recently there has made available in the CTT application developed in the board of Catillano and lion, to facilitate the installation and distribution of the Signature software project @firma5 client.
    With this tool, which has been used in E-government platform in Catillano and Lion since 2008, it simplifies the citizen the task of creating the environment minimum needed to run the software Signature client, as well as other aspects – plug-in PDF - necessary to teletramitar. Moreover lets you check if your personal certificate is adequate and is in force to interact with the E-government of JCYL, through the simulation of a signature.


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