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Automatic check AE requirements in the JCYL

  • Start date Production:



    Use metrics in July 2011 . Since that time have accumulated:
          Requirements AE: 43.017 validations of certificates of users and simulations of signature

    Functional description

    The Module Requirements AE is a tool that automatically checked the requirements of equipment or PC of the end user, to use Electronic Signature with certificate in customer, assisting your installation and simulating the electronic signature to verify the certificate of the citizen.

    The main stages followed for the implantation of RequisitosAE were: address the project incrementally and repeatedly module from an integrated into the tool of tele ADME, isolate its functionality, and finally go channeling gaps and needs that were implemented in various iterations.

    This tool is independent of any administrative process.

    Technical Description


    Consiste en una aplicación Web J2EE que integra los siguientes componentes :

    • Pages for JSP
    • Applet con el codigo necesario para detectar de las caracteristicas del PC donde se ejecuta
    • Javascript code for the view and invocation methods of the Applet
    • Los binarios de Applet de Firma 5 para su distribución centralizada
    • Applet Installer Signature 5 invoked if you want to install
    • Incluye un cliente WebServices para invocar a @firma federada JCYL y validar una firma simulada con el objetivo de comprobar que el certificado firmante es válido
    • Resource files with the requirements for the Applet 5 signature
    • Resource files for the specified string
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