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Electronic document referral

  • Functional description

    The project was based on a reporting portal documents connected to the telematic registry, conclusive evidence leaves acts of presentation, stored and custody documents submitted.

    The advantages main of this system are the immediacy of communication and deletion of role run in the processing associated with documents. While the volume of activity corresponds to the number of municipalities (300-600 monthly seats), the volume of documentation involved offers some data associated to the return of investment important, to affect a number of pages from $150,000 to 300,000.

    Since the operational point of view as reporting requirement through the telematic registry, policymakers must municipalities electronically sign the operation recording of both the will and non-repudiation of the submission.

    De cara a la evolución y el futuro del portal, se están evaluando posibilidades para realizar la introduction of documents in a unique way for the ministry of finance and Public administrations.

    Technical Description

    Since the technological point of view the documents are presented in XML format , which makes it easy for processing management tools of the department of finance and public administrations, Justice and home affairs.

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