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    REGWEB is a software application face registers of entry and exit of one agency. The tool creates a registration number and stamped with the registration data (office, date and time) that can be printed on the document registered. All records are stored in database for subsequent consultations. The application allows to manage different offices and to allocate log users to each of them.
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    Felip Suau Chambers
    Jefe de Área de Govern Digital Fundació Balear Innovació i Tecnologia (FBIT)
    84974 971784974 Ext.

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    Implementation of Open Sources
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    Management of services and systems
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    Government and Public Sector
    GPL (GNU General Public License)
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    J2EE, JSP
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    REGWEB és una aplicación para gestionar registros presenciales de entrada y salida de un organismo. La herramienta genera un número de registro y un sello con los datos del registro (oficina, fecha y hora) que se puede imprimir sobre el documento registrado. Todos los registros se almacenan en base de datos para consultas posteriores. La aplicación permite gestionar diferentes oficinas y asignar usuarios de registro a cada una de ellas. Además permite modificar registros efectuados, así como generar oficios de remisión entre oficinas.

    At the level of services of an ipr REGWEB offers to automatically generate records entry and exit strategies as well as informal of registration. Furthermore offers the possibility to program the measure when incurred records on specific offices.

    Main features:

    • Generation of registration numbers and stamps.
    • Management of offices, agencies and users.
    • Consultations and modifications of registration.
    • Generation of offices.
    • API to generate development automatic registrations.
    • Implementation of programmed tasks according to registration in certain offices.
    • Recording macros to the rapid creation of records.


    24 July 2017

    REGWEB obtains SIR Deploy acordeon

    La Secretaría General de Administración Digital ha certificado que la aplicación REGWEB v3.1 cumple con las condiciones necesarias para el intercambio de registros a través del Sistema de Interconexión de Registros (SIR).


    By obtaining certification by the introduction of REGWEB v3.1 in Govern de les Illes Balears is allows interconnection SIR del Govern de les Illes Balears and will facilitate the process of certification to the rest of administrations that are using or to be put in place the solution.


    The implementation REGWEB is an application developed and promoted by the Govern de les Illes Balears. it is specially designed for reuse in other administrations, which is corroborated with the acquisition of the third prize at the regional level of the competition “ Sharing and Reuse Awards ” convened by the european commission through the ISA.


    REGWEB is available for implementation in any entity and the source code can be downloaded via Download area the solution in the cst .

    07 April 2017

    The european commission rewards REGWEB implementation Deploy acordeon

    Implementation REGWEB (Opens in new window) , designed to manage and check-out and that is already used in 14 public administrations of the balearic islands, consigu i The 3rd OR award best reutilizació n of solució n tecnol OR in the direction regional category.

    The “ Sharing and Reuse Awards ”, convened by the european commission through the ISA, awarding the reuse of software in the public sector. Thus, Regweb a certificate of excellence, together with a recognition as one of the four best proposals presented in this category.

    The main advantages of REGWEB system are on the one hand, the possibility of digitizing documentation at the time comes to the administration thereby make a fully electronic management of administrative procedures. On the other hand, it provides the possibility of recording documents electronically from headquarters electronic administration. Finally there are plans to certification within a network system state registers, which will make exchanges of records electronically and improve communication between administrations and therefore provide a more efficient service to citizens.


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