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Common Electronic Registration Cantabria government -

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    The Common Electronic Registration allows any request, writing and communication sent to the organs of the administration of the autonomous community of Cantabria.
    Target audience:
    Citizen, company, Any public administration, REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS
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    Installable product

    24X7 Telephone Support... Room of attention to citizenship Phone: 012

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    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Government and public Sector, Personal Documents
    This License for AAPP
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    Programming language:
    HTML, JAVA, J2EE, JSP, Web Services
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    Description of its purpose and aim

    The Electronic Register is a software application that allows the citizen presentació interact with the administration for the presentation of writings, applications and communications concerning administrative procedures enabled for use by E-government.

    To use all the features offered by the Common Electronic Registration, it will be necessary to have a DNI electronic or other digital certificate recognized included in the list of certificates admitted, as well as comply with the rest of technical requirements.

    Legislative framework that protects if it had

    Decree 37/2012, 13 July, which regulates the registry, electronic communications and electronic headquarters of the administration of the autonomous community of Cantabria and their public agencies. idAnuBlob = 232270 (Opens in new window) "href =" idAnuBlob = 232270 "target =" _ blank "> idAnuBlob = 232270 (Opens in new window)

    Measurable results to obtain with their implantation

    Opening to the Internet of 100% of any kind of formal administrative request (grants, bursaries, scholarships, prizes, procedures, resources, claims,...) or unregulated (out requests)

    Advantages to obtain with its use

    The introduction of the electronic registration is beneficial to the public administration and their employees as for the citizen, providing, among others, the following advantages:

    Advantages for the administration

    • Facilitates the automation of administrative processes.
    • Reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks, increasing the productivity of public employee.
    • Facilitates that all information and/or documentation required for each procedure is accessible from one place (intranet portal, database administration, etc.), eliminating the need to find documentation in different files with different physical locations
    • Decreases the response time to the citizen.
    • Provides a starting point for the creation of new services to citizens.

    Advantages for the citizen  

    • The Registration of documents can be done via the web around the clock with the same legal guarantees that the registration systems attendance.
    • Removes the need of displacement for applications: enough to have the necessary infrastructure (computer, internet connection, and digital certificate).
    • Simplifying procedures, standardizing procedures and using standardized forms.
    • Toda la información y/o documentación necesaria para cada trámite está disponible en un solo lugar.

    Reduces the time spent on the processing by eliminating unnecessary waiting periods.


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