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Common Electronic Registration

  • Start date Production:


    Functional description

    The Common Electronic Registration includes the following features:

    • Web front, accessible from the General access point, p, ( https :// ). This tool of electronic register allows citizens to manage their writings and communications towards the public administration, provided that do not conform to administrative procedures under regulated and Electronic headquarters of the different administrations.
    • Allows access to the citizen through Cl@ve , the system designed to simplify and unify electronic access of citizens to public services.
    • Register online applications, directed towards civil service agencies, through a generic form, as well as append documentation. To complete registration requires the electronic signature of the citizen, using its DNI electronic or digital certificate of natural or legal person, recognized by the platform @firma .
    • Allows you to consult the citizen the history of your registration, as well as the delivery state and redirected them.
    • The citizen may request receive notices by sms or e-mail with each change of state of your seat.

    The Electronic Registration integrates with Common platform Network system records (SIR):

    • The platform SIR allows the electronic interconnection registry offices integrated into it. This solution provides a system capable of exchange between the registry records registration Offices, as well as the documents submitted, this way we anticipate the body addressee communication that has been addressed.
    • Integrado con la plataforma SIR, el Registro Electrónico Común permite enviar el asiento registral generado a la oficina de registro competente, en caso de estar integrada en SIR.

    Technical Description


    • OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux V 6.8
    • Apache webserver 2.4.20
    • Application server JBOSS 5.1.0
    • JDK 1.6
    • Database Oracle 11g Release 2
    • Electronic signature: @firma Validation
    • Identification: Cl@ve

    Technical requirements:

    • Supported OSes :
      • Windows (View SP2, SP1 7 and 8 or higher) [recommended]
      • Not compatible with Windows 8 RT
      • Linux (2.6 or higher)
      • Mac OS X (10.6.8 or higher)
    • Supported browsers (en todos los casos, es necesario tener instalado el cliente de Autofirma):
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer (9 or higher),
      • Google Chrome (4 or higher),
      • Apple Safari (4 or higher),
      • Mozilla Firefox (3.0 or higher),

    Como norma general el certificado debe estar instalado en el sistema operativo, salvo en el caso de Firefox que debe instalarse en el navegador.


    Compatible with SICRES 3.0

General access point
General access point