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Registration of Farms

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    The Registration of farms (REA) is a tool, which centralizes the information of farmers and herders and allows them to access all the information of exploitation and provide administrative procedures automatically.
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    Citizen, Company
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    Ángel Pérez Bobadilla (Head of projects)
    941291100 (Ext. 33284)


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    Good Practice
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    Government and the public Sector, energy
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    HTML, JSP, J2EE, Web Services
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    The Registration of farms (REA) is a tool that advice from agriculture, livestock and Environment makes available to farmers and breeders to consult all the information of its exploitation and provide administrative procedures.

    It is a register on-line que centraliza y unifica la información agraria y que permite a los titulares de las explotaciones disponer de un punto único donde consultar sus datos de forma actualizada.

    Each January, it emits the so-called base document , which presents as a group and unified the information appearing in the REA of each exploitation. It Is the reference document for processing any type of aid in counseling throughout the year.

    The information contained in the register of Agricultural Holdings is different from the records of counseling of agriculture and environment and other related to its management.

    This information is grouped in different folders of information:

    • PAC surfaces
    • Vines
    • Quality marks: organic farming, integrated production, oil DOP Rioja, DOP Pears of corner of Soto...
    • Livestock
    • Machinery
    • Facilities
    • Leases
    • Agricultural insurance...

    Toda esta información se actualiza de manera constante, teniéndola el agricultor y el ganadero de forma unificada y en una misma aplicación informática.

    Los titulares de explotaciones agrarias pueden acceder al REA de dos formas:

    • With electronic signature
    • With username and password

    Decreto 60/2010, de 30 de diciembre, por el que se regula el Registro de Explotaciones Agrarias de la Comunidad Autónoma de La Rioja

    Measurable results to obtain with their implantation

    Advantages to obtain with its use

    For the farmer,
    Highest quality of information.
    Minor work since in many cases the information is automatically generated from existing information, for example for the notebook of exploitation.

    For the administration.
    Highest quality of information.
    Validations crusades
    Tramites faster.
    Consistency between different applications


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