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Electronic registration Hijacking

  • Start date Production:


    • Incluir compareciente en el alta de poderes desde el portal de gestión de los funcionarios.
    • New query web Service.
    • Include legal advice.
    • Multiple constituents.
    • Alerts module to the trustees and guardians.
    • Documentation for the file citizen requested by the entities.
    • Conexión a los servicios web de Geiser para el envío de documentos a bastantear a abogacía: Pendiente de aprobación Dirección.
    • Connection with Commercial Register, property registration and compliance ROLECE Bill 39/2015 and law 9/2017

    Functional description

    Electronic Registration of attorney General administration of the state will register representations that citizens allow third parties to act on its behalf of electronic form before the AGE and its public agency associated or dependent, as well as other entities Public Administrations attached.

    A grabbing es un poder que los ciudadanos pueden otorgar a terceros para actuar en su nombre.  Los actores de un apoderamiento son:

    • The citizen/legal entity that acts as principal can retakes to any other citizen or legal person to act on its behalf. When the principal is a legal person it must prove legal representation of the entity, or enough power to grant the hijacking concerned. The bastanteo of powers is the role of the Legal Advice the administration to verify that the person acting as a representative of the company has “ enough power ” to carry out the representatives who sought.
    • The citizen/legal person who acts as proxy can represent any other citizen or legal person, to which it has granted powers.

    According to the law 39/2015 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations. The powers that fall within the electronic registration of hijacking correspond to any of the following typologies:

    1. A general power for any administrative action and before any Administration.
    2. A power for any administrative action before an administration or agency concrete.
    3. A power Only for certain procedures specified in power.

    In the next chart of context are represented actors involved.


    For the citizen (natural person or a legal person):

    • Allows to authorize, so telematics, representatives to act on its behalf in administrative electronic procedures.

    For the administration:

    • Facilita el bastanteo de poderes, pues la documentación está digitalizada en el sistema.
    • Avoids the accumulation of paper.

    Telematic access to REA allows you to perform the following actions, prior identification with digital certificate or DNI-mail:

    As principal:

    • Crear un apoderamiento sobre un trámite o una categoría de trámites.
    • Consult their hijacking
    • Revoke their hijacking
    • Modify the validity of their representatives

    As proxy:

    • Consult their hijacking
    • Renounce hijacking

    To perform a seizure in REA will these steps: REA2  

    REA record the application at the REC (Common Electronic Registration), perform grabbing high and return the user electronically signed a proof of registration, indicating, among others, the summary of the seizure, the registration number, and the date and time of high in the log.


    Technical Description

    Technological Solution

    Development environment. The application has been developed under a Web environment with the following components:

    • Java JDK 1.6
    • Jboss 5.1.0
    • Oracle 11g
    • 1.2.7 Watch
    • Spring 2.5.6
    • Hibernate 3.2.5

    Programming language:

    • Como principal lenguaje de programación emplea el lenguaje orientado a objetos Java.
    • La interfaz de usuario se implementa en HTML haciendo uso de etiquetas JSP y Struts.
    • Se emplea XML para el intercambio de información a través de los WebServices

    Se emplean los formatos Excel y PDF para realizar diversas exportaciones de datos.





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