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Machine translation Portal

  • Functional description

    The Portal PTPLATA offers users a simple and intuitive interface to use translation engines of the platform. Allows the translation and plain text files. Depending on the language you want to translate it shall select a service or another. For the languages cooficiales, french and portuguese from spanish used Silver. For the translation into official european languages will be used Mt@ec (Translation service of the european commission).

    The services offered are:

    • Translation of texts. You can translate texts up to 10,000 characters. The system made available to you a button that facilitates the translated text. The system is designed to mark unknown words by the translator so you can check them.
    • Translation files. You can translate files up to 1024 kb. The system is ready to admit a large number of extensions, among which are: .doc, .pdf, .html, .txt, .odt, etc. The system will return a new file in the same format as an original but translated.
    • Use of the service Silver. This service allows translation into the official languages, in addition to french, spanish and portuguese on the basis of spanish.

    Use of the service Mt@ec. This service of Translation of the European Commission makes the translation of the official european languages

    Technical Description

    • PHP 7
    • Oracle 11
    • Symfony 3.3.6
    • Server
    • Angle 1.5
    • Connectivity with:
      • Apertium
      • Moses
      • CAS/GUS
    • LDAP Server
    • NAS server
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