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PRO@ - Internal Administrative Procedures

  • Short Name:
    Platform developed by the ministry of industry, energy and tourism for the application and processing telematics through the intranet of the department of the main internal administrative procedures through the use of electronic signature.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Ministry of industry, trade and tourism
    Branch of industry, trade and tourism
    Installable product

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Electronic processing, human resources management
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
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    The momentum of electronic administration is currently the implantation of the electronic signature in the processing of internal procedures of government agencies.

    Los objetivos principales por los que se ha desarrollado esta aplicación son:

    • Offer the public employee a single point of access to the application internal procedures telematics, knowing at all times the status of the same
    • Reducir los tiempos de tramitación de dichas solicitudes, gracias al uso de la firma electrónica y la remisión automática de las mismas a cada uno de los intervinientes
    • To facilitate managers centres receipt of such requests thanks to its automatic integration, if the processing ends positively, in the internal management applications


    The goal of the project is to provide the public agency the possibility to create a portal of employee in which he can make the application and consultation of the main internal procedures.

    La categorización de procedimientos es configurable en función de las necesidades de cada organismo. Las categorías disponibles en el despliegue actual de la aplicación son:

    • Library
    • Hiring
    • Conventions
    • Writings
    • Economic Management
    • Greater oficialía
    • Human Resources
    • Medical Service
    • Information technologies

    Among the more than 100 forms available, some of the most significant are:

    • Authorization of displacement and liquidation of expenditure in service
    • Breakdown maintenance and incidences
    • Parking accreditations and external staff
    • No material request inventariable consumables and/or computer
    • Social action aid
    • Permissions and licences (holidays, own affairs, marriage, …)
    • Courses of the training plan
    • Medical examinations
    • Attention to users (high user, computer incidences, equipment, …)
    • Telephony (high/low, breakdowns, …)
    • ...



    BOW is a platform developed by the ministry of industry, energy and tourism for the application and processing telematics through the intranet of the department of the main internal administrative procedures through the use of electronic signature.

    La tramitación telemática que lleva asociado todo procedimiento requiere el uso de un módulo de administración que incorpora funcionalidad para la parametrización y configuración de los formularios de solicitud, los flujos de firma relacionados y los permisos de tramitación de cada empleado.

    BOW, real portal of public employee, allows:

    • Request any of the more than 100 internal procedures of the department, through the completion and electronic signature of the corresponding form by the employee
    • Check the status of all applications made, podent annul those whose flow of processing has not finished
    • Categorize different procedures according to their area, offering to each employee only those forms that is authorized to complete, depending on their circumstances professionals and/or the profiles that has allocated
    • Acceder a aplicaciones cuya lógica, debido a su complejidad, no puede concentrarse en un formulario web. La percepción del usuario en este caso quedará asociada a PROA aunque se trate de aplicaciones diferentes
    • Configure flows of handling of each of the forms available through the definition of the validadotes and signatories speakers
    • Consult at any moment who is involved in the next step of processing for each employee and each form
    • Retrieve the personal and professional information of each employee from existing information in the database of human resources, facilitating the completion
    • Applications integrate with the application of electronic portafirmas – P@C, for signing and validation that form part of the flow of specific processing of each type of request
    • Obtener una versión imprimible con marca de agua que incluye la información básica de los firmantes y el código seguro de verificación del documento
    • Store any application in the electronic records file – Maple department, Single repository of any document electronically signed in the ministry



    The results offered by the application in the years leading deployed in the ministry of industry are as follows:

    • 71.311 requests in 2008
    • 79.069 applications in 2009
    • 79.556 applications in 2010
    • 86.948 applications in 2011



    Some of the advantages offered by the platform PRO@ are:

    • On-line integration with the database of human resources
    • Definition of working groups to build groupings functionalities below the basic administrative units (general offices)
    • Unlimited number of stages of processing and participants
    • Customizable menu options by user
    • Transparent access to forms and applications
    • Automatic management features
    • Direct access to through URL parametrizada forms
    • Integration with transactional and on-line management applications
    • Possibility to cancel applications not completed
    • Printable version with watermark that facilitates the visual checking the document signed
    • Service of email Notices
    • Possibility of temporary and permanent delegation
    • Possibility to contemplate acceptance or rejection by administrative silence


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