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PRO@ - Internal Administrative Procedures

  • Functional description

    The system provides the following functionality:

    • Electronic requests for administrative procedures. Main categories: Economic management, Oficialía Greater, human resources and information technologies
    • Direct access to applications
    • Custom dynamic Menu
    • Favorites and developments
    • Consultation of status and cancellation of applications
    • Drafts management (only for certain applications)
    • Query processing flows
    • Parameter setting of forms (done since crowded P@C module)
    • Integration with the electronic Registration MINETUR

    Technical Description

    The platform PRO@ account with the following functional modules:

    • Portal del employee
    • Payroll and load IRPF certificates
    • Awards for reason of service

    And integrates with the following systems, which depends:

    • P@C platform (.NET), which includes electronic Portafirmas, SIT – integrated system of processing and – MAPLE electronic records file
    • SRX – service of electronic signature (Java)
    • SGC – management of certificates (Java)
    • SGRRHH – system of management of human resources (Oracle Developer)
    • Electronic Register (.NET)

    Development technological environment:

    • Studio 2010 Visual
    • With ASP.NET 2.0 Framework
    • C #


    • Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0
    • Oracle 10g
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