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Portal of Institutions

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    Integrated platform for Institutions
    Target audience:
    AGE, REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS, any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user

    For any consultation on the Portal of institutions can get in touch via the following email address:

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Interoperability level:
    Operating system:


    The platform of institutions offers a tool for managing identities of public employees of institutions, including its position and roles partners, which can be accessed via web services, and a Single authentication portal that provides single sign-on among all services offered to institutions.

    Through this portal allows public employees of institutions the application of high in any institution, as well as self-provisioning of users via a web interface, for those positions of the entity, which have permissions of management of the employees of the institution.

    Las aplicaciones integradas en este portal, comparten las credenciales mediante oAuth, que provee un Single Sign On, Cualquier organismo puede solicitar la inclusión en la plataforma de nuevas aplicaciones orientadas a las Instituciones de modo que éstas puedan acceder desde un punto centralizado a todos los servicios a su disposición. Así mismo, el organismo responsable de la aplicación se beneficia de todos los servicios implantados para la gestión de identidades pudiendo delegar además en los responsables de cada organismo la asignación de permisos para esa aplicación dentro de su organización.

    Likewise, the portal is integrated with the DIR3, remain synchronized and ensuring a correspondence between units of institutions, and the portal, allowing the user management and roles to changes in the directory.


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